View Full Version : Swapped out stock motor for new....

2008.03.02, 03:02 PM
I just swapped out the stock motor for the PN Racing AWD motor i had laying around. After I installed the motor, whenever I hit the throttle, the car goes in reverse. Do you need to reset the transmitter after the installation?

Tim Johnson
2008.03.02, 03:08 PM
LOL...Flip the wires around......

or reset the TX, and re-pair the car. Follow page 25 of your radio instructions to reset the TX.

2008.03.02, 04:40 PM
i just reset the TX and all is good. thanks for the help.

2008.03.02, 09:01 PM
happened to me too... took me some 20 minutes to find out...hehe... i was wondering and scratching my head.... i swapped the + and - motor wires connecting to the board, and oddly it still went in reverse... switched them back and it was fine...

guess all i was supposed to do was to reset the tx.... :D


enzo1978 - how was the pn awd motor on the 2.4?
actually, right out of the box, i find the stock motor, even with the 6t pinion pretty quick... but that's just me...