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2008.03.03, 12:54 AM
Ok, so I think we call all agree that the KT-18 looks funny. But after having some more time with it, it's actually a pretty decent radio, especially considering the price. One thing that HAS to go is the silly steering wheel with hard rubber and flat bottom. Now I saw Philip's rig at Kenon, and it sure is sexy, but I can't bring myself to spend $40 on a wheel for a Helios or EX-1UR much less a KT-18... :p

So what do to? Since the KT-18 was designed by KO Propo, guess what? KO Propo steering wheels fit the KT-18. Here's my KT-18 with the adjustable wheel from my EX-1UR and Kenon Steering Wheel Sponge.


This wheel isn't available for sale separately yet, but I had one laying around since I put my trusty old EX-5 wheel on my EX-1UR. :D The only KO wheels available with sponge rubber are for the old EX-1 and Helios, and they both sell for less than $20. I'd recommend the larger Helios wheel. Here are the part numbers:

16071 Steering Wheel for EX-1/10/Precious
16078 Steering Wheel for EX-10 Helios

2008.03.03, 01:40 AM
that looks a hundred million times better... might just do something quite similar... :D

2008.03.03, 04:24 AM
And it feels a hundred million times better than it looks! :D

2008.03.03, 08:50 AM
I haven't tried the KT-18 yet, but i read from another post that the steering tension is too light, is it adjustable with the replacement wheel?
if not possible, do you think the tension is too light or is it manageable?:)

2008.03.03, 11:02 AM
Thanks for the info ruf. Cant stand how the stock wheel feels.

2008.03.03, 11:29 AM
Steering wheel tension is a very personal preference.The wheel I'm using only allows you to change the maximum throw angle limits. If you really want, you can open up the casings and tweak the spring preload by bending it. I personally haven't found the KT-18 too offensively light, but it is lighter than the Mars.

What bugs me most about the radio now is the reach to the trigger. I used a thick piece of fuel tubing to take up some of the slack to the brakes, but I'm also planning on gluing a small piece of tire to build up the trigger pad.

2008.03.03, 08:11 PM
I took the foam off of my Micro-t controler and it just barly fit over the 18's wheel.

2008.03.03, 10:00 PM
did they come in ruf?

2008.03.03, 10:05 PM
I took the foam off of my Micro-t controler and it just barly fit over the 18's wheel.

haha, I did exactly the same thing:p

2008.03.04, 08:01 AM
are you ordering those for reflex?

2008.03.04, 01:07 PM
arch - I suppose we could stock them, but you can also pick one up from KO shopatron.

piper - I picked mine up here in California. I'll check and see if our Kyosho order has arrived in Texas yet. Sorry for the delay! :(