View Full Version : new polycarbonate bodies

2002.05.16, 10:40 PM
Anyone seen these before?


2002.05.17, 10:03 AM
And arent they ugly? I'm don't want to see one of those on my cars.

2002.05.17, 12:43 PM

Agreed 1000% sheer UGLY

I have seen them mounted on Mini-Z's on some Japanese home pages.

2002.05.17, 12:46 PM
Put another check for FUGLY. Its almost do-able though but for comical value only. Put one on a high performance mini-z and let the laughs begin.

2002.05.17, 01:15 PM
There is certainly enough space for all kinds of serious mods...

but still, it doesn't look cool

2002.05.17, 04:20 PM
We actually have those in stock if anyone wants one. The A-Class is actually pretty cool. They come with their own H-plate to extend the chassis, and extra-long motor wires.

2002.05.18, 04:21 AM

I looked in the shop for the A-Class polycarb
I am interested in one :D How much?

2002.05.18, 05:16 AM
Mondo didn't you just say you thought they are ugly? But when they are in stock they are no longer ugly?

Anyways I don't think they are that ugly...I like the one that looks like its a suzuki R or what ever its called....

2002.05.18, 09:33 AM

At +-10.00 on the exchnage rate, I'd buy one solely for the H-plate and side mount value. :D
It's called a double agenda

2002.05.18, 11:09 AM
or the Mini-Z God will send a curse over your cars!:D :D ;)

Why don't you buy one of Power's with their H-plate and side mount value? Then you will have a body for your money to :)

Zac R
2002.05.19, 03:35 PM
Its a discrace to mini z's

they need to stay with the high quality detailed car body

2002.05.19, 03:55 PM
Zac R

Welcome to the world of polycarbonate/lexan bodyshells.
I'm still to see a polycarbonate body that has good detail.
This applies to all scales

Zac R
2002.05.19, 04:06 PM
oh i didn't know that

Mini Z GT
2002.05.19, 04:42 PM
Man they are ugly but they are lighter and can withstand harder crashes than the normal mini Z autoscale bodies. BTW how much are these bodies and where can i get one?

2002.05.19, 11:42 PM
I looked in the shop for the A-Class polycarb

Mondo, it's not listed as we only have a few. Email us and we'll hook you up!

2002.05.20, 01:16 PM

Done! :D

Mini Z GT
2002.05.20, 01:26 PM
mini z check ur e-mail. I'd like to get my hands on an L Type

2002.05.20, 06:59 PM
Mondo, I replied (after your order already shipped, I'm afraid), and the message got bounced back saying no such account?

Mini Z GT, I'm mailing you right now.

2002.05.20, 08:07 PM
i guess for weight savings and crash worthieness i would run one. But damm theyre ugly