View Full Version : 2.4GHz ASF Mini-Z F1!!! Another Reflex FIRST LOOK!

2008.03.04, 01:34 AM
You knew it was coming...


2008.03.04, 02:50 AM
wow where can i buy these?

2008.03.04, 04:03 AM
er... it's actually a conversion job... ruf bought the 2.4 ghz chassis... got the board and put it in his f-1... :D

2008.03.04, 07:17 AM
Looks good ruf!!! The 2.4GHz system is really going to change everything. :D

2008.03.04, 07:30 AM
Gah! What we need is a close up of the bind button rewiring! :D

2008.03.04, 07:55 AM
nice, this is one i was waiting for!

do you have a tutorial on how you pulled it off?

2008.03.04, 09:33 AM
Looks good ruf!!! The 2.4GHz system is really going to change everything. :D

Now if they will just make a conversion for Lefty's

2008.03.04, 02:00 PM
Thanks for the comments guys. The small size of the 2.4GHz board actually makes swaps a piece of cake. You actually don't flip the board over like most swaps since there is not resonator block that gets in the way like on previous boards. The instructions are pretty simple, but I'm planning on putting together a quick tutorial.

Here are the instructions for BOTH AWD and F1:
1) add center white wire to pot the same length as green and orange.
2) lengthen switch wires by about 1/2". Don't worry about the rear switch wire shorting to the positive battery wire - it's supposed to be that way. The solder pad is actually joined on the PCB.
3) reverse motor wire orientation (usually requires rewiring for F1 to get around the disk damper)
4) FOR F1 ONLY: use a front wheel bushing under each side of the "shock tower" to space it above the ICS connector.
5) FOR AWD ONLY: reverse the servo motor wires.

Servo wiring order:
MR-02: red, black, orange, white, green
F1: red, black, orange, white, green
AWD: black, red, orange, white, green

2008.03.05, 02:05 PM
The steering response is SOOO fast, it took me 5-10 laps to get used to it. The throttle response is ultra smooth. One thing I need to do is punch a small hole for the antenna since I think the car is "unpairing" a little over time due to the antenna being completely hidden under a solid body. Every now and then the car would start to feel a little unresponsive and the failsafe mode would start coming on. Easily solved by powering on and off the radio and allowing them to re-pair, but not acceptable for a race.

2008.07.15, 06:19 PM
Finally got around to writing up a tutorial. Let me know if you guys need more pics or details. Enjoy!


2008.07.15, 10:07 PM
good read.. thanks... maybe one day... i'll go this route... :D

2008.07.16, 09:17 AM
Thanks a ton for sharing the tutorial. Im really impressed with how much you guys are sharing with the community as of late. Its wonderful and can only be a positive influence on the hobby/community!

2008.07.16, 12:26 PM
Thanks for the kind words. We've been swamped at Reflex lately, but we're rededicating ourselves to content creation. As we've mentioned before, challenging our own assumptions makes us all faster and the only way we get to do that is by sharing information. We're not going to kid ourselves and think that we know it all. Some of our best tutorials have come from our friends and fellow racers on this forum, so it's really a win-win for everyone. Anyways, we're very happy that our efforts are not going unnoticed! :)