View Full Version : My Drifter...

2008.03.05, 06:57 AM
My AWD arrived last week... It's body arrived a week before and today the right wheels arrived...

I didn't want to post pictures in advance because it would take away from this magical moment (haha).

So here it is! My Nissan Fairlady Z with some blingin rims! :D



I thought this body looked the business for drifting!

Chassis pictures to come early next month. :)

2008.03.05, 07:53 AM
Very nice mate that looks the bizz

2008.03.05, 12:15 PM
looks S I C K ! ! !

I would change the lug nuts to small size like the kyosho ones... that's not kyosho is it?

2008.03.05, 07:30 PM
Swish Tom mate, reallll swish, i'll have one soon and i think i'll be running my skyline with the 'special' paint job ;)

2008.03.08, 08:43 AM
Yeah man, it'll be good to get some drift races in.

I had a crack this week around Bri's. It's not easy to keep it up for 8 minutes. My car doesn't drift very well though. I need to sort that.