View Full Version : What tires?

2002.05.17, 01:26 AM
HI I have a mini z F1. Im wondering which tires will work best on polished wooden floor, that does have dust on... Would the Delrin foams work best or the rubber 20 degrees?


2002.05.17, 04:34 PM
Actually either of these will work well - the foams will work better, but will also pick up dust, so you need to make sure that the surface is clean. Another advantage of the foams is that if your floor has gaps, the foams will absorb the shock a bit better.

2002.05.18, 02:58 AM
Oh cheers mate , my floor does have gaps in ... how much would the shop here charge for a set of foams + postage to england?

2002.05.18, 03:20 AM

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