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2008.03.06, 01:42 PM
Hey guys, i'm selling 2 cars to get funds for a drifter, at the moment i only have one of them ready and that is the MR-01, pictures below.
First refusal goes to Ryan as i did say i would let him know first, but if he is'nt interested, anyone may snap it up!


It's got an alloy rear mount with alloy ball diff, alloy battery clips, Kyosho clear blue skeleton chassis, its got a carbon fitted H plate and i have another spare for it, i have also fitted the mono shock to it (not pictured) as it only fits the MR-01, and i'm including the wheels and matching nuts with it too!
The shell is in fair condition (see pics) with some minor scratches and scuffs all over but still good for plenty of running yet.

Also with the MR-01 are 2 other shells, oh yes, 2!!!
They are the Skyline. (see pics, Please note, i am not selling the skyline with the wheels in the picture)


And the Astra (see pics)


Both of these are for the MR-01 and the MR-015 type chassis, and i cannot say weather or not they will fit an MR-02, you maybe could with negative offset wheels on, but i'd say its too much hassle!

The spoiler on the skyline is missing (always has been, not sure where) and the spoiler on the Astra has been broken but repaired (nice clean job)
I have the wheels for the Astra, but i'm not sure about the Skyline, if i dont, you can rest assured i will see if i have some others that fit or i will help you source some.
So all in we have the MR-01 working chassis with alloy and alloys (purple) and 3 shells (Viper, Skyline and Astra all for this chassis) I was going to keep the skyline and Astra, but without an MR-01 i will have nothing they will fit on, so i'm selling it with them.
Also included is a stock Kyosho controller.
65, sorry, no offers.
First with you Ryan, anyone else interested please post, then you will be next should Ryan decline.


just found 2 x clear display cases that i will add in the sale for the other 2 shells.

2008.03.06, 04:30 PM
Hey Kryten, can you find out for me if Ryan is interested, if not i'll be putting it on the bay. Getting no interest here.


2008.03.06, 04:44 PM
No probe mate he finishes work at twelve tonight so i'll get him to post/pm you then.
But i thought he wanted another 02,not sure tho.

2008.03.06, 04:53 PM
id take both bodies if you decide to split.

im waiting for the discharger before i send your stuff(left it round nobby's)

2008.03.06, 04:56 PM
Cheers Jayce mate, yeah i know he's after an 02, but i wasn't sure if he would be after this also or if his friend Matt would be interested?!?:rolleyes:

@ Matt, sorry mate, i dont want to split them as it would make selling harder.:o

2008.03.07, 03:46 AM
He doesn't want it Mal he should've posted last night,sorry mate

2008.03.07, 08:17 AM
Is Mat (Ryan's friend) interested?

2008.03.07, 08:37 AM
No mate,he now thinks the hobby is too expensive.

2008.03.07, 09:05 AM
@ Matt, sorry mate, i dont want to split them as it would make selling harder.:o

i have loads of awd parts if thats what your interested in?

2008.03.07, 11:44 AM
@Kryten, cheers mate for finding out for me, i'll see about selling it elswhere.

@Mk2 - Yeah i'm after an AWD for drifting, the other Tom, who used to come had one and he's selling it, he says its kitted out with almost all alloy, so i'm after seeing that and maybe having that. You not interested in the whole set Matt? it runs really well, currently has an iwaver xSpeed in it i think. And if you turn the steering right up, it can turn in about 6 inches...lol

I'f i hear nothing by the end of tonight, it'll all be going on the bay.


2008.03.07, 12:08 PM
i would be,its a good price but ive completely blown my budget this month:rolleyes:
got 3 awds and way too many 02's now!
good luck with the auction:(

2008.03.07, 12:37 PM
It's on the bay . uk