View Full Version : Sunday 16th March Meeting

2008.03.06, 04:37 PM
Date & venue booked

Perkins Sports & Social Club,
Tixall Rd,
ST16 3UB

from 1300hrs until 2200hrs.

Racing Mini z, Xmod and Iwavers.

Large track in the afternoon.
HFAY OLPS Season 5 Races 5 & 6 in the evening.

Cost for the day will be 7/ racer. (newcomers free).

No kitchen facilities,,,, GF will be there.

2008.03.06, 04:41 PM
Excellent,i'll bring the burgers n sausages again....who's bringing the buns?

2008.03.06, 04:56 PM
we'll bring the buns:D how many you want?
btw im comin :)

2008.03.06, 05:03 PM
Let me know if you dont get them liam mate an i'll get them, otherwise i'll bring something like mini cakes or something ;)

2008.03.07, 02:39 AM
GF will be there.
Haha! Hey Bri, I dunno if she's coming yet - unless you mean yours? :p

I'll post this on the main site for ya!

I'll be coming for certain, but not until later in the day. Probably around 5 onwards. I wanna catch SOME drifting action and open racing for sure!

2008.03.07, 11:57 AM
how come so late Tom mate?

2008.03.07, 12:56 PM
he said in teh other thread he had a heroes convention
btw mal does 30 buns sound ok? jayce said you ran out last time

2008.03.07, 05:20 PM
No kitchen facilities,,,, GF will be there.

George Foreman

2008.03.08, 08:39 AM
Haha, I presumed you meant girlfriend after Wednesdays conversation!

If Mr. Foreman will be there I'm gonna bring my cook book and get it signed. :)

2008.03.11, 02:12 PM
Burgers, buns,mini cakes:confused:.........how about everyone remembering their EXTENSION LEAD (3m+) CORE TAG, CHARGER Etc:mad:
:DI'm bringing the Tomato Sauce

2008.03.11, 03:55 PM
I'll bring my Mini Z :rolleyes:

Dusty Weasle
2008.03.12, 12:57 AM
Burgers, buns,mini cakes

I sooo want to come back to England. The most magical place on Earth is the snack isle at a Tesco. You folks know how to do snack cakes.:p

2008.03.12, 08:42 AM
I wont be able to make it at all Sunday. :( Somethings come up and I can't afford it, never mind the Heroes convention lol! Not a massive problem though. I'll see you all in April!!

2008.03.12, 09:32 AM
Bad news there mate,hope it's nothing too serious.You not even going to your convention now either?

2008.03.12, 11:38 AM
Na it's not too bad really. I'm still going to Heroes but wont be spending much lol.

2008.03.12, 06:22 PM
Hey Liam, i reckon about 20 - 30 should do it, i think i brought about 20 last time, and yeah we did run out!

Dont worry Bri, i always remember my extension lead now!
(famous last words....lol)

2008.03.15, 11:57 AM
k mal, we got 3 packs of 12 so 36, should be more than enough for everyone coming.

2008.03.19, 09:05 AM
Great meeting lads, really good day with LOADS of food man...lol ... thanks for the burgers and sausages Jayce mate, top nosh!
Really enjoyed the drifting too, got some drift tires now, which beef up the GT-40 somewhat as it did look a little *** with the skinny wheels on!
Cant wait to get enough of us drifting to form some kind of competition!
Watch out guys, i will be practicing!
And i must remember...- BATTERY CLIPS-...(shakes head in disbelief)
Gutted, i lost 7 laps cause that battery came out!

2008.03.19, 09:48 AM
I have to echo that sentiment,great day (pretty soon we'll be meeting for a banquet with z racing a close 2nd!) Hopefully the good old british weather will permit us to get our track out for some drifting practice. Can't wait for the next meet,any ideas on what date the next one will be?

2008.03.19, 11:30 AM
great meeting, thanks for the great food jayce, and thanks mal for fixxing my car- i found some atomic brushes for the motor now on rcm.art.
oh- i might be able to get my mate to come with me next meet, i sent him a video tom made and he was well impressed:)

2008.03.20, 04:40 AM
I also had a fantastic day, my favourite part was the four hour driving followed by the part where I packed the track away!! Hahaha

I FINALLY got my open car down at Bri's last night! Corblimey is it stable with a VDS on it! I was giving it hell for leather around the HFAY track! I'll get a video up later so you can see what to watch out for next meet.

Which I can't wait for!!

2008.03.20, 07:03 AM
ooooh sounds cool, givin the tripod a go at filming properly?

2008.03.20, 12:43 PM
Not yet. Just mounted the camera mount a couple of days ago and now I'm painting it. :)

2008.03.20, 12:45 PM
lol im trying to imagine how its goin to look in the middle of the race with somoene on the hands an knees crawling round super fast whilst pushing it XD
ohh... and i might be getting a kt14 soon! i wont be the only one using a kt5 anymore :D

2008.03.20, 08:13 PM
I was thinking of mounting a handle... We'll see. Crawling is HARD!!!

With the KT14 you'll need to watch your areal! Replacements wont be so easy to come by...

2008.03.21, 06:37 AM
greetwell models sell them for 11 posted:eek: il try and look after this one. i still need to hear back from the guy though