View Full Version : Reflex Racing customer service doesn't suck

2008.03.06, 10:23 PM
Even though my order was shipped to my billing address rather than my shipping address, CT made right by sending a duplicate order to the correct address. My parts arrived in time for my race and the SSG2WD tires worked great.

Thanks guys,


2008.03.07, 06:39 AM
Customer service excellence is the norm at Reflex. Their Can-do attitude and willingness to help makes me wish that their product line would expand faster than it is. Keep it up guys. Keep the bar high and make the competition reach.

Nuff said.

2008.03.09, 03:44 PM
How often do they check their email? I sent them a question today and I was wonderin when I should expect a reply

2008.03.09, 03:51 PM
i usually get a response within a day if not the same day.

you do realize today is sunday thoguh don't you? ;)

2008.03.09, 03:52 PM
their pretty dam quick cristian got to it in under an hour

2008.03.09, 04:33 PM
Cristian Tabush and Reflex racing are awesome with their customer service they helped me for an hour to get my order all processed and ready to be shipped ill order from them again with out a doubt.