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2008.03.08, 11:07 AM
This past summer I had over a dozen running, race-ready RC's:
http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b7cc25b3127cceb10b0a4171d200000036100AbsnLVy4ZuW Ig

Now I have 5 very cool RC's. I'm not getting out of the hobby, I'm just focusing on more specific classes. :cool:
http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b8dd29b3127cceb65e848dede300000026100AbsnLVy4ZuW Ig

2008.03.08, 12:29 PM
well done,wish i had the will power to slim down:rolleyes:
8 mini z and counting lol

2008.03.08, 01:46 PM
Nah I just have the two MZ's now. I've got a pair of stock 01 boards, but no need for them really.

2008.03.16, 09:26 PM
Hey, I'm actually moving to Chatt area in June. From there, grew up in Tampa.
I JUST posted a thread asking for advice on my 01 board. What might persuade you to part with one?

2008.03.17, 12:52 AM
just bring what you got bro, we will work something out when you get here. I am not sure what we will be racing this summer, but our racing location may be closing early by that time.

On the lighter side, We now have a Core Racing System. And lots of track to play on, so good racing is always at hand.

2008.03.17, 08:47 AM
Ninja, Thanks for the invitation! I'm looking forward to being in the area and meeting new R/Cers. It looks like there's a lot of racing/bashing going on around there. Later.....torque:)

2008.03.17, 07:25 PM
Just a few bucks would pry them from my hands lol! :eek: Looking forward to racing with you. :cool:

2008.03.18, 03:23 PM
PM or e-mail me with your address and a total (shipping and all) to send one to Tampa and I'll put a MO in the mail that day. If you don't mind, that is! I'll need to practice some before I get up there. I gotta feeling ya'll are gonna school me either way..lol! :rolleyes:

2008.03.19, 09:48 PM
Every dog has its day torque. I bet you'll win a few your first run lol! :eek:

2008.03.31, 05:15 PM
I got your money today, Torque, so I'll send the boards out ASAP.

Also, Chunk agreed to buy my truggy today. So I've just lost a considerable part of my RC collection. :cool:

2008.03.31, 05:54 PM
TRUGGY?? the gas one or the radline one??. if your getting out ill buy your mini-z

2008.03.31, 06:03 PM
Chunk bought my gas truggy. What's my 02 worth to ya? ;)

2008.04.03, 09:49 PM
Looking forward to meeting you guys. I really appreciate the help with these boards. Later!.........torque:D

2008.04.03, 11:10 PM
No problem Ross, I hope they fix your problems. If not, I've got a complete MR01 RTR that I could part with; including a pretty rare body. ;)

As for slimming down, it's just out with a truggy and in with a touring car! :eek: