View Full Version : tubo/boost mounting thread!!!

2002.05.17, 11:28 AM
hay guys... I was hopping to start a thread where every one can show how they have tehre booster mounted.

I know some of you are thinking...whats to show... well I have a ferrari 360, and a light kit..so i had to get a little creative, and mount it on the back of the upper deck...and I realy cant stand those little clips, and how they hang out, adn catch on every thing...I realy want to either mount them inside the chassie, or atleast come up with a better way....

so please post some pics/ideas on how to make the boost not such a birds nest!

2002.05.17, 12:53 PM

I thought this Thread would be more suited to the Setups Forum.

Here's a pic of a TLP Twin-Turbo installed on my Mini-Z Racer.
The power wires are soldered to the internal power tabs inside the chassis under the RX/ESC board.
The plumbing is secured with old antenna wire, a somehat crude but effective method.

2002.05.17, 01:37 PM
looks good....

Mine was nice and tight untill I hooked up the head lights..now every thing is a mess. Im going to have to rip it all apart untill im happy with it... I cant stand the "birds nest" look I have going right now

2002.05.17, 03:50 PM
So I went into the case, and soldered my booster and my light plug to the +/- terminals... then I took my dikes and sniped a little material off the back of the top plate. It is much cleaner now... thanx!

2002.05.17, 04:03 PM

That's why I will never fit a lighting kit..

2002.05.17, 04:13 PM
I got the lights in there...but it is tight...they are cool to run around the house in the dark with...kinda trippy!

2002.05.17, 04:50 PM
TopKatz, search around the Forums a bit and you'll find a lot of installation pics, of particular interest is the F1/Eagle pic showing you how to cram it in there.