View Full Version : Dressed to Thrill

2008.03.09, 07:57 PM
Here is my new McLaren F1 'dressed to thrill'. :rolleyes:

Just need the black alloy wheels now to 'finish it off'. :)

2008.03.09, 08:35 PM
Tornado Tony, eh? :) Looks pretty good.

2008.03.09, 09:36 PM
Tornado Tony, eh? :)

Thats his racing tag in the HFAY competition ...well spotted ... I certainly wouldn't have know unless he told me I just thought it was a fancy design:o

2008.03.10, 04:16 AM
Nice vinyls Tony, the black always goes well with the yellow, is it an iWaver or Kyosho shell? I really like the McLaren F1, it'll always be one of my favourits. I managed to get some extra wide alloys on the rear of mine once and it looked sweet, especially from behind. I tried to fit F1 wheels on it too, i might have been able to get them on the rear, but the front were waayyy to big...lol

2008.03.10, 05:08 AM
Hi guys...thanks for the kind words.
Tornado Tony, eh?:) ...the mystique didn't last long, lol, well spotted Fish :D
I just thought it was a fancy design:o...I thought it was a fancy design too Brian...for me anyway!:rolleyes:
is it an iWaver or Kyosho shell?...hi Mal, it's an Iwaver shell, I feel that they are stronger (if less detailed) than the Kyosho shells. I was impressed with the strength (in design) of the Iwaver Saleen shell that I had off you so I went for the same with the F1 (the cost was less too!). I think that when your car is simply a 'target' for other (yellow car) drivers to have fun with, to hit and bounce off in the HaFAY (because I am so slow) it makes sense to have a strong body...lol :D...that's my theory anyway ;)

2008.03.10, 12:51 PM
Looks very nice,well done. Hopefully i'll be able to see this one and stop crashing into you....hopefully!:rolleyes:

2008.03.10, 01:04 PM
Hi Jayce...hopefully I will be able to keep out of everyones way next time :D. I like your latest spray jobs...very much. You have done a wicked job there. Let me know if you want any personalised decals for them.

2008.03.10, 01:57 PM
Thanks Tony,as it happens i wouldn't mind some decals done...just not sure what. Had any ideas?

2008.03.10, 04:06 PM
I like to go for things that are personal and or relevant to me in some way...but the world's your oyster mate, what ever you want (for your mini z...not your real car:D)