View Full Version : Sinister driving

2008.03.10, 02:54 AM

I have got my Sinister to drive.

I have however a few worries....
The suspension is probably binding somewhere as it tends to bounce a little in the rear when taking curves at speed. ....

setup now:
in front:
supplied springs and Kyoshos 0 degree knuckles(plastic) +3 atomic dish wheel.
a .2mm washer above spring to fill void.
in rear:
supplied springs, black
TGR friction damper with supplied spring and TGR friction grease.
.8mm suspension plates on the side. 2 nuts above the bottom plate for droop as atomicmods suggestion.

Anybody out there driving the sinister that has ideas?

2008.03.10, 04:05 AM
softer springs on the disc damper and lighter oil:)

2008.03.10, 06:56 AM
OK i will try that as soon as possible.

Are you running the original king-pins in front?
I think the quality and fit of them are well not the best and the knuckles can be moved side to side with them.
I guess it would be easy to modify a Atomic king-pin to fit (shopping off the e-clip part) and then the fit for the knuckles would be better.


2008.03.10, 11:46 AM
i just give the originals a polish(in a dremel or drill)the same as i do with my atomic pins,the stockers are stainless too:)