View Full Version : Overland on "Rug Mountain"

2008.03.10, 02:04 PM
i toss some pillows under a rug and it makes great overland terrain and the ol does some impressive stuff, i'm really liking it. What do you think?


2008.03.10, 03:06 PM
That's a good idea. Your overland seemed to handle it effortlessly. Cool video!

2008.03.12, 09:18 PM
Yeah, what have you done to it to make it so capable?

2008.03.13, 04:32 AM
Not much or nothing probably. Overlands are very good as stock!

2008.03.13, 11:08 AM
Not much or nothing probably. Overlands are very good as stock!

Really?! the one I played with at my track seemed kind of, well, lame. It got stuck on everything. I might have to look at it more closely next time and see what I would change?

2008.03.14, 11:25 AM
Diff lock makes all the difference.

2008.03.14, 06:09 PM
Its stock in this vid exept for soft xmod truck tires. It now has GPM rear case and ball bearings. I'll tell you, though, i think i can beat my xmod car on the track with this, seriously!

i have found this to be the only surface where the overland is impressive. It is mostly rounded and the rug is extremely grippy. It also does not give away like dirt. One wheel is able to move the OL. I've also been doing this a little while so I know the limits and basically make the OL look good. I will never take it outside unless i find a nice rock, my xmod truck is king when it comes to outdoors. I enjoy driving the OL more though.

2008.03.17, 09:21 PM
Carpet crawling is probably the MOST fun you will EVER have with an Overland or Xtruck. Limitless traction and lots of fun suspension flex =D