View Full Version : Be carefull on the bay!

2008.03.11, 10:18 AM
Bay user id bombayhornet is selling z's on the bay(UK),be carefull if you decide to bid as he uses shill bidders.you'll end up paying loads more than you would on an honest auction.

2008.03.11, 10:40 AM
Thanks for the note. How did you find out he uses shill bidders?

2008.03.11, 10:45 AM
I was a bidder on a 3 of his items,i'm out bid,then the other bid is withdrawn,then the auctions are changed to private bidders and suddenly i'm at my EXACT max bid on every auction i was bidding on of his.I've withdrawn my bids now and reported him.Then i get a very insulting email from him! I always put an odd amount in i.e.25.71 etc....all 3 auctions,diff max bids all at my max?

2008.03.11, 11:39 AM
Very shifty! Thanks for the heads up!

2008.03.11, 03:57 PM
Thanks for the tip off Jayce...there are some crafty people about :mad:

2008.03.11, 04:07 PM
NP's guys it p*sses me off when people do this,if he wants more money for them use the reserve or put a higher starting price.