View Full Version : Tnr 3-13

2008.03.11, 05:16 PM
I won't be there, you kids are on your own. :( I won't have tires by then anyways, so even if I could come, I would still spend half the night figuring tires. :rolleyes:

2008.03.11, 08:27 PM
what? you suck, we just got this Core system, and you are missing out on the goodness of racing, you can run the same tires you ran last week.

2008.03.11, 09:51 PM
im going to be late. worse off than usual. i have to go and get my truck which is in nashville. so i'll try to make it in time

2008.03.12, 04:21 PM
Ha so looks like Kevin won't make it either. :o Don't worry Chunk, we'll have the CORE System next week, too! :D

2008.03.12, 08:41 PM
wrong eric... i should make it unless my truck breaks down. my dads car breaks down(who is taking me) or i get arrested when i pick up my stuff or my truck. im leaving out tomarrow at 1pm. so i should get there by at least 4(i have to stop to get my tag), and then i have to drive back. so i should be there at around 7 or so. its not like i leave every time at 8pm. and i miss my touring car so this is next best. oh yea what are we going to do this summer?? drag the rcp track to erics house and race in the garage???i dont mind if u throw us out at 8. i just wanna keep racing mini-z's locally. hell i'd almost say we could clear out my living room and race at my house.

2008.03.12, 09:57 PM
Oh I didn't know you were leaving work early! :rolleyes: Then yeah you've got plenty of time.

As for this summer, I dunno. What is something we all could race this summer? I doubt we could use my garage, we'll have to figure something else out. How about motorcycles? Srsly! There are several cheap RTR used bikes on eb@y right now. ;)