View Full Version : need help with track layout

2002.05.17, 02:23 PM
i'm working on one in my basement, shooting for a bit of an L shape, the main part needs to be around 20 ft long and 10 feet wide, with a nother 10ft x8ft section voming off to from the L.

i would like to do something like a road course that has a nice mix of difficult turning sections but also allows for all out top speed on a few long straights.

i also think a bridge where it cross's over itself would be cool but i'm just not that creative.

2002.05.20, 01:03 PM
You should really try Zanthrax's Track Maker programs. It's a really handy tool for track layout. The top thread in this forum has a link you can follow to download it from Zanthrax's website. If you consider each grid on trackmaker to be 18"x18" then it makes for a great 1-4 car track. Check it out.