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2008.03.12, 08:53 PM
i know we all run close to the same setups. i just wanna see what everyone is running.
0n/0w at 20slick front and 10 slick rear.
unknown knuckles, i think 1deg
towerbar 0.5 deg caster
atomic white front springs med/hard
+1 toe in
iwaver balldiff w/ 42t gear, 6t pinion.
speedy 07
atomic MM lcg 98mm ver2 motor mount
atomic dps w/ pn red/red springs (i dont know the stiffness)
i think its a soft h-plate. its the one chunk gave me.
smoke chassis, iwaver saleen s7 body and atomic white dish wheels.

2008.03.12, 09:53 PM
As best I can remember, this is what I'm runnin:
Wheels: PN 10-spoke alloy +3 front narrow/ +3 rear wide
Tires: unknown fronts, maybe 20*s, Atomic 10* wide rear
Atomic knuckles 0.5*
Stock steering bar
!ntegy blue front springs
Kyosho soft carbon T-plate
Atomic LCG MM motor pod
Atomic ball diff 42t gear, 7t pinion
Motor: PN Speedy 05BB
Kyosho smoke chassis w/stock electronics
Body: Atomic VDS 2 body
Atomic alloy front body mount