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2008.03.14, 02:51 AM
What esc would you prefer for the 02M. Does the Novak spy fit when removing the case underneath the topdeck or would ou go for the Spinner. I know Cherub1m had some problems with the spinner. Don't know how it performs now.

Red Team
2008.03.14, 08:32 AM
I'm gonna use Spinner...and let you know !

2008.03.14, 09:47 AM
I'm gonna use Spinner...and let you know !
I was thinking in purchasing that one too. Let me know. Can it handle the Atomic Evolution Stock motor or the Chili without modifition such as seperate turbo's?

Red Team
2008.03.14, 02:28 PM
Here is what Cherub1m said:


Well i got the TGR Spinner, and i just mounted it the 02M runs the same as when i had the banesbot bb3-9 esc with maybe just a bit more bunch. But the great thing about the TGR is when the batteries go down i dont have to deal with the dreaded 5 volt cut off that the banebot has. The TGR Spinner fits like it was made for the 02M. Also, the Atomic Mod guys stated this esc will handle modified motor :D can someone say Atomic chilli evolution motor :D Well that motor might be to much motor for me. They recomended the Atomic stock R evolution or maybe the T2. Well, once i test it at the track ill post a report. My guess is it will run great cause i have not changed anything with the chassis. I just wont have to worry about my batteries going lower then 5 volts :) . Basicaly the Spinner is smooth, very linear, has nice breaks, and its very efficient also you can hold the breaks for about 7-10 sec and the car will go into a semi-sleep mode where steering still works but the car wont move and if you hold the break for the same amount of time again it will go back to normal. This function is very nice for the pits and if you want to take a break and not worry about your car taking flight for some reason. Basicaly I am very pleased with the TGR Spinner.

And dont let the radio shack batteries fool you :) does are my testing batteries :cool:

Thank you

Hope it helps !

2008.03.14, 04:26 PM
Cool, I ordered 1100mah Team Orion nimh for my 02M. Where in Europe can we order one?

2008.03.16, 09:11 PM
very informative information, I'm looking forward to some news about the product after you guys have some test on it. I believe it would be very interesting to know how electronics will change the overall chassis performance.