View Full Version : Overland!

2008.03.15, 07:08 PM
I think I want one. Chunk and Tood, ya'll still have yours?

2008.03.15, 07:28 PM
man it has been a couple years since I had mine. But I do have the Micro I can run in the dirt a little :D

2008.03.15, 08:35 PM
Hey I have the Micro T manual, I found it today while cleaning out some stuff. I'll bring it to ya Thursday.

2008.03.16, 03:00 PM
Why do you all the sudden want a overland

2008.03.17, 07:24 PM
I always have kinda wanted one. Now I'm thinking more seriously. ;)

2008.03.19, 09:53 PM
Shoot the one I was hoping for on eb@y went for $114! :eek: Unknown condition, heck brand new they're just a little more than that. I'd rather get a Micro T Desert Racer anyways. ;)