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2008.03.15, 11:37 PM
Hi all.

Is it possible to convert chassis for iWaver 01 to iWaver 02 ?

2008.03.16, 09:01 PM
Hi Minirc128,
Welcome to the iwaver community, on behave of all the friendly member and iwaver I welcome you.

Yes, it is possible to convert an iwaver 01 chassis into an iwaver 02M chassis.
There is only a few parts you would need to change in order for it to become 02M.
However the electronics would not fit, since they are under different spec and the plugs are different size and locate at different positions.

2008.03.19, 07:02 AM
Thanks for your information. By the way, do you sell aluminum package for iWaver 01. I saw not many aluminum set for iWaver 01 sold in your website.

2008.03.19, 11:27 PM
The Aluminium parts for 01 actually the same for iwaver 02M.
I can tell you what does not work with 01.
The carbon Fiber PCB cover does not work for 01, the motor mount would work but you would have the two suspension mount sticking out of the side, the rear suspension would not work sine there is no PCB cover to mount it to. The motor stay would work, but since there is no rear suspension, it might provide too much motor pivot.

But here is a hint, you could actually mod the 02M PCB cover so that all the 02M parts would fit on. Then you would have a 01 with all the 02M chassis upgrade but using the 01 electronics.

2008.03.20, 02:16 AM
Thanks fangel. Ok. Example, if I buy 02M All-in-One Aluminum Ultimate Hop-up Package, I just need to mod 02M PCB cover only and other parts can properly fit on 01. I also need to adjust rear suspension and it will be work fine. Just like that?

2008.03.25, 04:33 AM
Yes this is true, all you need is the complete Hop-up set and some modification on the PCB cover for the 01 electronics to fit.
The rear suspension would be fine as long as you are using all the 02M hop-up parts.

2008.04.15, 04:51 AM
Hai can anyone here have pic that 01 upgrade alu part 02 "rear or front"
without PCB 02,

Because in malaysia 02 is seen hard to get also at my home town they ask we using 01 coz 01 using AM and 02 FM so it will make the servo intermittent =(

Is cool if mini z racer.com give we all how to using alu part 02 on 01... coz many in malaysia using 01...

2008.04.15, 09:46 PM
The overall conversation is basically to install all the 02M metallic parts from start to finish, all you need to do is the enlarge the hole for the iwaver 01 electronics to fit through on the PCB cover.

2008.04.16, 03:04 AM
Thank u fangel....

ur info is good so now i not worry to buy all alu part for my 01 chassis

2008.04.16, 09:17 PM
yes, it's basically a very simple conversion. Some modification is require however.