View Full Version : 2.4Ghz and ADband?

2008.03.15, 11:39 PM
With the 2.4Ghz mini z coming out I got a few questions, first are they going to be legal for season 6, second since they the same other then the frequency will ADband possibly become legal, and third since 2.4Ghz and ADband use 2x2 3010 fets will people still using 27am mini z's be allowed to use 2x2 3010 fets on there 27am mini z boards?

2008.03.16, 08:11 AM
very good questions m:) i've already got a thread going in the judges forum on this very topic so it's being addressed.;)

2008.03.16, 04:08 PM
Thanks arch. I didn't know there was already a thread on this subject. Hope they allow it. Is there any discussion on motors for next season?

2008.03.16, 04:10 PM
BTW, do I have to be a registered to post in the judges forum?

2008.03.16, 05:06 PM
you have to be an appointed judge or judge selected representative inorder to post in the judges forum.

yes, the motor discussion never stops basically. just so everyone knows, like the public side of the forum there are slow spots however disucssions are alwayts taking place, opinions expressed, etc. etc.