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2008.03.16, 09:09 PM
Hello there, I'm back from vacation. Just got home this Friday from a long trip to Florida, London, Germany, back to London, back to Florida, and now home again where it is snowing. When in London we visited plenty of hobby shop's, Hamley's Toy Store was a dispointment, not what it used to be a few years back. It used to be high-end collectible model cars, RC car's, and what not. Now it's all kid's toy's. Model Zone was a neat store if your into die-cast collectibles, lot's of cars and airplanes.
Anyway, didn't find a Mini-Z anywhere till we got back home. There was a thread some where stating that Mini-Z's are not sold in Hobby Town USA? Well, in Melborne Florida, there is a very awesome Hobby Town USA which has a bunch of Mini-Z ready-set's, AutoScales, and tune-up parts. I was going to pick up the silver Nissan 350z Nizmo-tuned MR15 ready-set when we got back home, if we didn't find anything in Europe. Well, we didn't find anything in Europe and when we went back to the Hobby Town in Melborne I discovered they had in stock the newest MR02 LH Leman's series ready set. Disapointment, the transmitter is sold seperatly, and only cost's 90 bucks. The car, goes for 140 bucks! Seems backwards if you ask me.
Anyway, the detailing on the Leman's Porsche 962 is awesome, I got the white one and it is super nice. One sweet detail that I really liked, is thank's to the new 2.4 GHz system, the antenna is very short, thus NO HOLES! That's right ladies and gentlemen, no ugly holes in the body for an ugly antenna to stick out! I tested the car, and it run's great, the binding, setting up the transmitter with the car takes some getting used to. But once you do it, it's done for good. The body shell seems to be harder plastic than the older bodies there fore harder to ply apart from the chassis. I will take some photo's of my newest MR02 LH tomarow after camera's been charged up. Unfortunetly, we got in late Friday and I think I missed this weekend's race, so I have still yet to see this new machine run! Look here for future pics!

2008.03.16, 09:31 PM
I didn't know they had a new mini-z...no antenna?


2008.03.17, 09:28 AM
glad to see you found one. there are extensive thread on the 2.4 cars which includes a new subforum for the 2.4 cars which i've moved this to.

2008.03.17, 11:01 AM
Hi there, thank's arch. byebye, it does have an antenna, but it is so small due to the 2.4 GHZ range, that it does not stick out far at all, thus no antenna HOLES are needed. This really cleans up the body well. Also another thing to note, is on the box, it sais that the scale is 1:23.7--- or closer to 1:24 scale. Which is nice cause that means we can adapt other 1:24 scale Leman's style cars to the chassis. I was considering doing the old 1967 Ferrari Leman's cars on mine and useing the Lancia Stratos wheels on it as they will closely match the wheels on the Ferrari.
I will take pic's of it soon and update the thread. I can't wait to take it to local club and race it!

2008.03.17, 11:44 AM
Ok, as promised, here are photo's of my Porsche 962.
Beautiful detail ain't it? This now makes it my 3rd MR02.
See anything missing?
Not gonna knock these mirrors off while racing!
they did not include a slot for putting in headlight's like on other models. One would need to drill a hole for that if one want's to light up their car.
Koenig Specials made a street-legal Porsche 962 car, and I thought about painting this either all yellow, or all red and put a Koenig decale on the window.

2008.03.17, 11:45 AM
What, no crystal's?
new rear motor mount, kick's the motor back a few MM's, and lowers it as well.
My, what a short antenna you've got. That is how short 2.4GHZ antenna's are. My dad uses this system on all of his RC airplanes and helicopters.
Don't want no short, short, eh, antenna. In this case, we do! LOL! This illiminates the need for that ugly hole in the rear of the car!
Note the crystal cover.
People have commented the toy'ish look of the transmitter, well, it doesn't feel toy'ish. Very comfortable, and nice to hold. And, it takes four AAA batteries. Oh yea, it comes with it's own display stand. Why on earth would you want to display it?
After I binded the transmitter with the car, I ran it for a bit and it works well. No glitching, but it seems to wait a second before going into reverse, won't know how it really handles till I get to the track. Hope you all liked my little review.

2008.03.17, 11:04 PM
very nice car.....

2008.03.18, 07:55 PM
Remember I mentioned Koenig Specials street-legal version of the 962? This is it.
This is how I plan on re-painting either my current 962, or if they release it in white none-painted versions, same with the new 1/43 scale Dnano 962. Sorry about the small image, curtesy of Koenig-Specials.