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2002.05.18, 03:14 AM
Right, we've done cars, mugshots and of course, Mini-Z's
I ask this: What PC do you own:

Seeing as I was acussed of, and I quote: "boasting" unquote, I've ommited my abacus and pocket calculator.

2002.05.18, 05:37 AM
Hmm, Another boasting thread....

I have a toshuba Satallite 1805 S254 Pentium 3(although I'd rather it have an atlon) at 1.2 ghz, 256 mbsdram, dvd combo drive 14.1 tft active matrixe lcd, 29 gig hd,agp integrated graphics card,and to a linksys 802.11b card....

and I have CRAP destop that I hate with a passion...

then a Palm M505 with a 64mb SD card-love it-need it-die with
out it...

Oh and Mondo there was a thread like this just use the search option to upper right hand corner that shuld help you out;)

2002.05.18, 07:50 AM
i got 3 systems i use:

1 (pc i use most of the time):

HP P3 1.0 GHZ
384 MB RAM
60 GB HD
8x4x32 CD-RW
Windows ME
Altec Lansing speakers w/ subwoofer
and the rest is mostly crap..... i need upgrade :D :D

2 (Laptop, which i use when i'm lazy):

Compaq P3 750(?) MHZ
256 RAM
and i'm too lazy to find out the rest of the specs

3 (piece of crap pc, rarely use it):

some unknown brand name
P166 MHZ :D
Sound Blaster Sound Card
ATI Rage (forgot the rest)

2002.05.18, 09:51 AM
Im on a Mac.

2002.05.18, 11:21 AM
P3 733MHz
128 Mb RAM
Win98 SE

P1 133MHz

Palm M100 2Mb
Xircom Rex 2Mb

Creative DAP Jukebox 6Gb MP3 player

Loads of gadgets

2002.05.18, 10:38 PM
Sony VAIO Picturebook C1 Crusoe 600Mhz 256MB ram 12G HD

2002.05.18, 10:57 PM
My son and I, mostly my son-I provided limited basic electronic knowledge and the funding, built these a year ago when the prebuilt costs were still high.....

2 PC's--
AMD 950mhz
Voodo 2 64MB
768 MB Ram
40 gig
17" KDS .24 pitch
Windows ME

He has since graduated to:

AMD 1.1 mhz overclocked to 1.4
Geoforce 2 64mb
512 mb DDR ram
Aluminum server case with
slide out component trays
and 3 or 4 fans
KDS 21" .23 pitch
Windows XP

In total we have 4 computers in the house, one for each family member and 1 acting as a server.

The heat these things generate is enough to make a 5-10 degree
differential from the rest of the house.:cool:

2002.05.18, 11:37 PM
Originally posted by DAMZer

The heat these things generate is enough to make a 5-10 degree
differential from the rest of the house.:cool:

HA! You think thats bad, in my room I have 4 400 watt Metel halid lights, four 96 watt power compacts lights. 2 800 gallon per hour water pumps. 3 300 gallon per hour water pumps. they are all air cooled! To add to the aqua-quiment I have 500 watt reciever for my sound system, that makes alot of heat! hehehe. I swear my room gets what seems like 110 degrees. but I think the hotest it has gotten is around 91 while the rest of the house is a cool 78F.....and thats in the winter;)

2002.05.19, 11:16 PM
This reminds me that I need to post to that "small gadgets thread", but anyway, right now I have a brand new Fujitsu Lifebook, it's tiny, but still has a DVD/CD-RW, built-in wireless, insanely bright 1280x768 widescreen, 800MHz Transmeta, and some very cool extra features like optical out (used with s-video out for portable DVD player). Previously was using a Sony Picturebook, which I love, and before that, a Mitsubishi Amity (yes, there is a trend here of having to have the most powerful yet tiny laptop). Also, the crown jewel in the collection is the IBM PC 110 - half the size of the Picturebook, the smallest Windows PC ever. And before that there was the HP200LX, 100LX, and 95LX...etc. Oh, and I've got literally a dozen Pocket/Handheld PCs from 1.0 to PPC 2K2. And like Zanthrax I've got a REX6000 paperweight. Do we need to reach back to the Commodores etc. (anyone else got a BBC Master 128K - Mondo maybe?) :D :D :D

2002.05.20, 02:11 PM
Mini-Z LOL!
No, but I do have a Sinclair Spectrum ZX (64K).
Those were the days.

My flagship workstation is:

Pentium-4 2.2 GHz
Intel 850E Motherboard
1024MB PC600 RDRAM
2 x 80GB 7200 RPM IDE HDD
LG DVD ROM, Panasonic CD-R/W
Nvidia Geforce-4 64MB AGP Graphics
SoundBlaster Audigy Sound
In-Built Intel Pro-100+ Ethernet
PCI Intel Pro-100+ Ethernet
Black Tower Case with 450W PSU
Samsung 21" Flat Screen CRT (Not flat panel)
Altech Lansing Speakers

Needless to say, a majority of the hardware (Motherboard, CPU, Network card and RAM) I got free from my contacts at the "Big-i"
I am still awaiting my 2,4GHz 'engineering sample' CPU.

We (I'm married :D) also three other workstations and a laptop.
One of the workstations is an Alpha 600MHz (Yummy) which runs LINUX.

2002.05.20, 05:35 PM
My other hobbie. :)

I am currently on a 1.4 athlon oced to 1.6 with a full watercooling setup.
ATI 8500 Vid card with dual monitors
Dual PSU
80 gig HD in a Raid 0 Setup
full temp control

The laptop is a dell 7500 series. A p3 750 is inside of her

The workstation is a SGI indigo 2.
200 MHZ MIPS proccessor
Impact Graphics card

Linux box that is being built
1.2 Athlon
Voodoo 5
2 fans in the case, one on the radiator other on the PSU
Watercooling setup.

Next comptuer I am working on will be phase change cooled and should be around -40C all the time.

2002.05.20, 06:26 PM
Speaking of SGI, I omitted my SGI 1600SW flatscreen, w/ PCMCIA adapter for use as a second monitor on the laptops.

2002.05.20, 08:06 PM
hmmm, hey bro u mispelled hobby, and im the worstest speller of us too, lol

2002.05.20, 08:15 PM
I bet your room gets pretty stinky. i wonder how resin would do for the tires on a z, all that sticky .....

2002.05.20, 08:21 PM
Originally posted by DIRTYMAN
I bet your room gets pretty stinky..

Hehheheh, it smells like the ocean, if the fans are off....and my room is really loud with all the pumps and fans, its a wonder how I sleep....