View Full Version : Dnano 1/43 RC

2008.03.18, 11:21 AM
Hello. Wow, Kyosho did it again! After discovering the Dnano on this web site, I did some more research on it and found some photo's for posting.
First thing, 1/43 is a very small scale model. I collect quite a few of die-cast model's in this scale. The Epoch car was interesting, but no where near the detail and sofistication of these little pocket rocket's.
Looking at the chassis, it almost look's like they completely shrunken the
MR02 chassis and redefined it for the smaller size.
Get rid of your Epoch's, and sell your current Mini-Z and Micro-T collections!
Already comes with a Lipo battery pack!
It's own lap counter? YES!
I just bought this guy's bigger brother like two weeks ago!
I'm definetly getting the white Subaru WRX STI, but I think it'll be the next wave of these.
So may have to wait a few more months for it's release. Good to know that they have many different bodies available, one I really like that is in the first wave is the red Ferrari 360. I hope Tagu and other 3rd party will make custom wheels for these things as well as other hop-up's! :D
I was just about to purchase a large Micro-T order with every Atomic upgrade available till I ran into this new toy!