View Full Version : slot car tracks ok for mini-z ?

2002.05.18, 09:35 AM
Has anybody ever ran their Mini - Z on one of those professional Slot car tracks? You know the ones about 8 lanes wide. I think they run 1:24 or 1:32 or something. . I was thinking that if you turned the track power off and just used it as a mini-z track it might be pretty cool. Not sure how the grooves for each lane would go though. Maybe they would hinder the mini-z too much ? Anyways I live in Sydney and have just found out we have one of the tracks here. Looks pretty cool

I was thinking of going and checking it out and seeing if they would let us try our mini-z on the track. Has anybody ever tried racing on a track like this before? ...was it a good/ bad experience ?

cheers leigh

leighs mini-z (http://www.angelfire.com/clone/miniz/lights.html)

2002.05.19, 01:15 AM
Itís already been done. We just had our second race today (5.18.02) at www.slotcar.net. Itís pretty fun!! Make sure to use foam tires on the rears and stock rubber tires up frontÖ.just trust me this set up works well on this type of track.

2002.05.19, 07:46 AM
sounds really cool ....so the grooves in the slot car track were not a problem then ?

2002.05.19, 08:53 PM