View Full Version : I'm gonna have an open car!

2008.03.22, 12:41 PM
Look out guys i should have an open car next neet :eek: it'll have a single layer of 4562's not sure what motor yet,i might rip the x speed out of the MZM and i'll be running a porsche 962 body that i'll be re-inforcing beforehand:)

2008.03.22, 04:39 PM
Wicked, now your gonna experience a whole new way of frustration, trying to get yer car to handle at higher speed, thats the only problem with going fast, making your car stay on line gets harder!...lmao
Got any pics?

2008.03.22, 05:16 PM
Lol just trying to drive it will be challenge enough,never mind thinking about lines!:D I dont have it just yet,i did a deal for the other mzm i had in bits.
The 962 body and rear end is currently winging it's way from america.Should be here and ready for the next meet tho.

EDIT:Bring your video camera,there's likely to be a big crash and you might see a grown man cry too!

2008.03.22, 06:18 PM

4562's and an X-Speed is what my VDS is running in that video. Plenty of speed there... Never mind if you move over to the Atomic Stock Evolution R.

2008.03.22, 07:02 PM
Wow when i had a go of yours i remember thinking "this is too fast for me give it back before you break it" At this point i'd like to request a seperate track for me to use to ensure the carnage is only one car!:D

2008.03.23, 06:34 AM
LMAO!! Well, if you're gonna stick the VDS on it then we might just need a separate track. Those things are the devil!

2008.03.23, 10:12 AM
Now that i know it's as fast as your car,maybe i'll use an old beater body instead! Now if i only HAD an old beater body lol

2008.03.23, 12:04 PM
Still got the 575??

2008.03.23, 12:48 PM
Lol GMTA i had the same thought,although it's still quite nice,it will be sacrificed at the altar of speed.:D

2008.03.23, 04:50 PM
Can't wait to see you running it Jayce, the beater is a good idea for starters, takes time to adjust to the spead, i think the beater body might be an idea for all of us if your going to be as bad as you think you are...lmao...jk:D

2008.03.23, 05:29 PM
Well i got the chassis tonight,i'll post pics in a short while.
It has a 2x2 stack of 8958 fet's and i'm chucking an x speed in it.I've a stock one in atm and it's quite quick.
Lmao the beater idea's a good one mate,i've already made a tape of me saying "sorry mate" over and over again to be played when i'm driving!:D

2008.03.23, 06:07 PM
it should be rapid with just the x speed;)
ive packed the whitebody already:D

2008.03.23, 06:20 PM
Well i know it's too quick for the living room!:D ace! white bodys mmmmmm I'm such a sad man lol

2008.03.23, 06:28 PM
Here it is

And lets all take a look at this body intact for the last time lol


I will have matching correct offset wheels on at the meet,but i ran out of bearings :rolleyes:

2008.04.03, 05:57 PM
Well it's changed a bit in the last week so i thought i'd show my progress :D
I just couldn't bring myself to wreck my lovely yellow FXX body so i'm running this instead!


And this is what i've added this week.

And this should make things even more interesting (for interesting read chaotic!) lol:D


2008.04.03, 06:06 PM
That's one lovely looking chassis. Clean too - just how I like 'em! :D

Try keep it clean... It'll run better. The clear chassis are perfect for it really. You can see every spec of dirt inside it! :)

2008.04.03, 06:19 PM
Well,between this one:) and the 2.4:( stripping a car completely and re-building it is now neither scary or difficult:D I'm quite proud of myself on this one.(you all know i'm not the most technically minded person!) So keeping it clean(my preference too) should be a piece of ....erm,cake!

2008.04.03, 06:29 PM
Hehe, nice one mate. :)

I've gotta strip my AWD down soon to replace the chassis. NOT looking forward to that!!

2008.04.03, 06:38 PM
LOL i hear ya,thats on my to do list soon too.

2008.04.03, 06:44 PM
Well, keep Hammer's MA010 Rebuild thread in mind:


Very clear pictures of the chassis in the stages of it's rebuild.

I think I'm gonna use that as a reference for when I forget how the servo goes. :o

2008.04.03, 06:49 PM
Yeah i read that thread when i noticed my chassis was damaged,really informayive:)