View Full Version : Iwaver AWD Motor clip needs Quality Control

2008.03.22, 02:05 PM
Hi Fangel,

I just purchased an AWD Motor Clip from ToyEast on theBay.
When I tried to install it, it doesn't fit due to excess material not machined off.

It nearly broke and did discolor my clear red chassis with minimal pressure required to close the clip. It would require modification to be used for its intended purpose.

I emailed ToyEast about the problem. They want me to send it back to them, which from the states will cost about what I paid for the item.

I just wanted to let you know that this product has this problem.
I am also curious if it has been addressed and if there are Iwaver AWD motor clips out there that work.

I attached some pics so you can hopefully see what I am talking about.
Thanks so much.


2008.03.25, 04:52 AM

I saw you problem regarding the AWD motor clip.
I would like to inform you that the metallic parts for 02M and 05 are all made from 3racing, but the parts for AWD and MR-02 are made by another company, hence the quaility difference. However We have not encounter any problem with thie fitting right now, I would agree that the parts you have got are made a bit tough making it hard to bend into a lock. I understand for your situation, but it's store policy to have the item refunded back to us first.