View Full Version : Rcp Track 18r

Davey Jones
2008.03.22, 06:52 PM
We are running 18th scale cars the same week end as our mini z.
We double stack the rails on the RCP track to keep the cars on the track.
I made 400 special pins to hold the rails. The racing is fast and furious
and we use AMB timming system. Here are some pictures of the track
and of our cars.

Davey Jones
2008.03.22, 09:11 PM
We have a race this week end. Racing Mini-Z, monster trucks,
and 18R. We also have a large gym to fly electric helicopters and
small planes. Sign in by 9:30 racing starts at 10:00.
Flying starts at 8:00.
The many faces of racing :):rolleyes::cool::o:eek::mad:

2008.04.18, 07:20 PM
I'll be there April 19th at 9 AM! Ready to rock'n'roll! By the way, that large 1/18 scale track is perfect for drifting the AWD Mini-Z with the proper drift tires! :D!