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2002.05.18, 09:38 PM
Now that I have a laser lap counter, I needed a way to quickly change batteries since the flags prevent the bodies from coming off, so I devised this little modification so I can take the antenna off quickly. It seems to work well except when there is a LOT of violent racing, then it tends to pop out, I am working on that though. It only happens once in a while. I used a small section of printed circuit board cut into a thin strip about 3-4mm then drilled a couple holes in it and soldered an old hard drive connector pin (female) to the circuit board, then screwed that part to the antenna location with the wire. The soldered the other (male) connector to a section of antenna wire. Here is some pictures:Quick Change Antenna (http://webpages.charter.net/carls64/mini-z_racer.htm)

2002.05.18, 10:38 PM
Very neat idea. A clean solution to your problem. Well done!:cool:

2002.05.19, 11:19 PM
Yes, good one!

2002.05.20, 04:03 AM
Nice idea......:)

Is the antenna wire and antenna connected by a wire through the piece of circuit board?

2002.05.20, 03:28 PM
I left the copper on the circuit board, its up side down, thus the screw and the factory wire for the antenna makes contact with the circuit board, then the female connector is soldered to the circuit board on the other side. See the top right picture on my site:

Pin soldered to board (http://webpages.charter.net/carls64/PICT0941.JPG)

Guess I should make a bunch of these up and sell them for $5, any takers?

They hold in there fairly well, but ocasional they come out. So I am going to experiment with some screw in ones or some sort of push in and turn with a spring to hold them in better.

2002.05.23, 05:08 PM
Originally posted by akaKillroy

Guess I should make a bunch of these up and sell them for $5, any takers?

Since you posted a how too I guess I will save 5 bucks and make my own...:D :) ;)

2002.05.25, 08:54 PM
Cool, I can't keep up with all the orders, the more who can make their own the better off I am :D ;)