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2008.03.24, 07:01 AM

sorry for my English i Know is so bad, but Im from Spain.... and its a little difficult for me.

well, the last saturday i (Buy) a 2.4 because Im tired whith the interferences.
before I have a Sanwa mx-a transmiter and now I see so simply the KT-18, and now I see in this forum that KO elios has to sell a new transmiter for 2.4

My question is. Which transmiter is more good, ko Helio EX-10 or KO Helios EX 1, (this one its enought for mini-z). Or do you think Ko sell a combo, transmiter whith the new module?
I want a transmiter whith I can change the Epa and ARC and the sensitive for the direcction.

For you its enought the kt-18 or you will buy the new module 2.4 ghz?

Many thanks for your help

2008.03.25, 02:27 AM
welcome to the forums...

for the moment the kt-18 is pretty sufficient... and you can program the end point adjustments epa on the steering... what it doesn't have though is the dual rate...

i've read that ko will be coming out with a 2.4ghz module for the mini-z... i believe it will be compatible with the helios ex-10, mars and ex-1 and the newer ur-1