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2008.03.26, 07:19 AM
Ok.... someone answer me straight here. The difference between Camber, and Degree is?????????? Like is a +2 ti3 rod the same as a 2 degree camber? This **** is mad confusing.


2008.03.26, 07:41 AM
Looking at the top of the car, front toe is like this / \ or \ /. Toe out is when the front tires are pointing outward, and toe in is when the tires are pointing inward, all relative to the front.

Looking at the front of the car camber is like this / \. Nobody ever uses positive camber, only negative, where the tires are pointing in toward the chassis. It's best to find a degree (I use 1.5) that gives you even tire wear over time. Stock cars usually use a little less camber as they have less body roll, mod typically runs a little more due to the extra speed, which creates more body roll, and causes the tires to roll further onto the edge.

Just run a search, there are a ton of threads covering all this stuff, especially the ones written by magic, which are pretty in depth.

2008.03.26, 10:51 PM
try this link...
what is camber and caster?

also this link...
what is toe in / toe out?

hope this helps

DJ Kyosho
2008.03.27, 01:10 AM
Camber and toe are discussed here (http://gho5tin.com/) also.

2008.03.27, 01:55 AM
Great links guys. Lots of good information.

2008.03.27, 06:21 AM
Great links guys. Lots of good information.

Yeah, thanks guys... I appreciate all the help =)