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2008.03.26, 06:58 PM
2.4Ghz! :D:eek::DI have one of the conversion kits on the way,which i'm putting in a clear chassis. I'm hoping it'll be here and ready before the next GTG, so you're all welcome to try it out and see what you think.
I'll probably bring it set up in LM but i'll have a MM to try after that.
Also as a result i now have two MR02's FS (Readysets) and will do a deal for any club members interested.They are both near brand new. One is my blue F430 chassis with the red 575gtc body and the other is a red F430.LMK if you're interested and i can bring them to the next meet.

2008.03.27, 03:19 AM
My dad may be interested in one.

It'll be cool to see someone with a ASF, finally!! Nice one mate!

2008.03.27, 06:46 AM
Thanks,as long as it gets here soon and i can actually build it without messing up!

2008.03.27, 02:02 PM
Nice one mate, it'll be good to see one in action and compare it to the standard TX/RX system. So have you got one of them ghastly "toy" controllers?...lol

2008.03.27, 02:19 PM
lol,i'm afraid so! i didn't know there was any other kind. From what i've read they feel less like a toy than they look,but i guess we'll find out soon enough:D

2008.03.27, 03:10 PM
they are suprisingly good,it takes a bit of getting used to the weaker spring in the steering wheel the good thing is they are alot lighter than a normal :)

2008.03.27, 03:34 PM
The only other choice i know of is getting a Helios controller and getting the 2.4gHz attachment, dont know how much that will be though!!

2008.03.27, 04:14 PM
Funny you should say that,i almost bought a helios the other day but decided against it.
I'll see how i get on with the KT-18 first,maybe i can get a stiffer spring? Definately cheaper than a helios!

2008.03.27, 05:27 PM
you cant go wrong with a helios esp if you have big mitts like me:D
i dont think the is any adjustment on the wheel tension but you will get used to it

2008.03.27, 06:04 PM
I might start looking into one then,i s'pose ryan can have the other one then only needs to buy a board.

2008.03.27, 08:27 PM
I wont be going 2.4 until they release the modules at least... Then I'll consider the move...

Any idea on module release dates, anyone?

2008.04.02, 09:36 AM
One of the sellers on the bay US has the helios with the 2.4 module with it,but i've not seen just the module for sale.

Btw.....my 2.4 kit came today! yayyyy lol now all i need is for the clear chassis to turn up.:D

2008.04.02, 09:43 AM
I've just found a mini-z module but I don't think the mini-z 2.4 modules are available yet.

Nice on on the 2.4, I bet you can't wait to drive it can ya!?

2008.04.02, 10:12 AM

Yep,can't wait! tho i'll have to as i'm waiting for the clear chassis,i'm not building it twice! lol

2008.04.02, 11:27 AM
Did you get two chassis covers like displayed on the box?

2008.04.02, 12:39 PM
Hi yes i did the red one is for the MR015,the clear chassis are here now too! :D:D:D i'm about to attempt the build:eek:

2008.04.02, 12:50 PM
I forgot about servo snaps. Still want some??

2008.04.02, 03:57 PM
Well i have the main bit done now Phew! lol i only had to take the servo gears etc out twice once when i put the pot on upside down and the second when i put the servo motor in the wrong way round!
The 2.4 board isn't as long as the stock 02 board.

And all done ready for the rest.

2008.04.02, 04:01 PM
Wow, who knew it would be shorter. I imagine it's easier to install than a regular board. It looks swish man...

Don't forget though...


2008.04.02, 04:54 PM
All done!!

Now i'm off to test it! hehehe:D

2008.04.02, 05:26 PM
That's fantastic. :eek:

2008.04.02, 05:46 PM
Thats a bit nice Jayce mate, did it come with the wheels and shell and motor mounts and that, or did you buy them seperatly?
Let us know how it runs!

2008.04.02, 05:55 PM
Thanks :D i bought the body and complete back end from Spoon (and wheels)
As for how it runs....atm it doesn't :( i'm just going to try to find out why.

2008.04.02, 05:57 PM
Gutted mate, check there is nothing that may risk frying a FET or anything most importantly!

2008.04.02, 08:04 PM
Well it works now!....sort of. It now goes forwards and backwards,but i can't get the steering to trim straight.Not even close.
After posting in the 2.4 section,it looks like i may have a dodgy tx:mad:

2008.04.02, 08:19 PM
Have you tried tweaking with the pot in the servo? Sometimes you can just offset the pot 180 degrees (assuming the Mini-Z pot can do this... I've only tried with a Hitec and a Cirrus servo) and it will offset the error in the Tx to give you centered steering.

2008.04.02, 08:45 PM
I'm pretty sure it will as i fitted the POT upside down the first time i put the car together.I'll give it a go tomorrow as it's 2:45am here and i'm too tired to carry on.:) Thanks for the advice tho.

2008.04.05, 01:38 PM
Hey Jayce, is there not a little silver box type thingy on the ESC of the car, with a little cross head screw on it, on a normal mini z ESC there is and that adjusts the servo centering! If there is center the trim on the controller and then use the screw on the ESC to get it near straight, then use the trim on the controller for fine tuning.

If you look closely at the bottom right of the cross on the top plate in the pic below, you can just see the corner of the screw i'm on about, and if you have cack eyesight, right click and save pic, then zoom in with whatever photo prog you have!

2008.04.05, 01:48 PM
you know that thought never occured to me at all! i'm off to try it now thanks Mal :D

EDIT: The 2.4 board doesn't have one:(