View Full Version : i wanna use my 3pk and spektrum radio!!!

2008.03.28, 08:19 AM
any news on when/if we can use spektrum futaba 3pk radio with the 2.4 minz?

2008.03.28, 08:25 AM
yup...its going to be a winner. I believe at this point we are all waiting for the 2.4 mini-z module for the KO Propo to be released. That module SHOULD then be modified to fit the 3pk, just like we do for AD band. At least that is what the big guys are saying.

2008.03.28, 08:54 AM
cool . just couldnt part with the extra bucks for the kyosho radio....

2008.03.28, 11:16 AM
All modules work the same, in simple terms they receive a 'control' signal from the radio, and then 'modulate' that signal to be transmitted.

In terms of electronics, almost all modules are compatible with most radios it's mostly the pinouts that change, and sometimes you have to adjust because diferente radios have different antennas, and the modules are designed for a particular antenna of the model of radio it was designed for.

Have a look here http://www.reflexracing.net/module.asp

Don't take this for granted, but electronics wise the procedure should be the same for adapting the 2.4ghz module to the 3pk.