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2008.03.28, 06:18 PM
Right - everything has been pretty much decided on except for one thing. If we will run a qualifier every heat or just the once. After reading the below - please cast your vote. If you're unclear on anything - ask before you cast your vote. Voting is anonymous.

Here's how each method would work.

Method 1: Qualify per heat
This means that every meet we would have one qualifying race to determine handicaps.

Points will be awarded for this race but not based on position, but fastest lap.

The handicaps will then be worked out accordingly.

This method would take more time to use but would allow the change of car per meet.

Method 2: Previous meet qualifying
This method works by using the pace and laps from the previous meets heats to work out the handicaps for the current heats.

This method would save time in the long run but will restrict you to ONE car* per season.

* Setup can be changed but motor, electronics and chassis must remain the same.

2008.03.28, 06:36 PM
Oh - and you don't need to justify your decision. No pressure! :)

2008.03.28, 07:21 PM
Oh - and you don't need to justify your decision. No pressure! :)

I don't mind people knowing my vote,i went for option 2 as using the last race laps to work out the handicap thing means everyones going as fast as they can.Rules out the potential of sandbagging.

2008.03.28, 07:25 PM
Okie koke, thanks for your vote mate. :)

2008.03.29, 05:38 AM
i went method 1- i realised last night, i wont be able to upgrade my car with method 2- which is bad when im using my hfay car for it, and probly wont buy another car for a year or so:(

2008.03.29, 07:14 AM
Alrighty then - thanks for your vote.

2008.03.30, 05:55 AM
I went for method 2 as i agree with Jayce, sandbagging could be a problem and it does save time, and ensures that everyone is trying hard.
But i do also agree with Liam, and the keeping one car the same problem, though it's not a problem for all of us, it is a problem for some of us.
Though i suppose this could be sorted buy ensuring the car setup is the same each event, allowing for changes to be made inbetween.