View Full Version : Will 2.4ghz work like AD band to count laps?

2008.03.30, 08:52 PM
From what i've read i gather the AD band mini-z's will work with the KoPropo lap counting system with no need for a transponder. Is that right? If so, i would hope kyosho built that feature into the 2.4ghz board. Does anybody know if this might be true? I know its a lot of wishfull thinking, but man would it be great!

2008.03.30, 09:38 PM
I've never heard of anyone using the Kyosho lap counter. I think it worked off of the radio signal. I've seen a few on ebay, but that's about it.

Now that Kyosho has adopted core tech, I'd be surprised if they put any effort into the 2.4ghz based lap counter. Core is a much cleaner way to go. Also the idea of a unique ID for each racer seems to fit better into their new web/racer mentality.

If you want a good lap counter, the Giro-z and core are both good. I've used both and they both have advantages. For small clubs that run in the sun (outside) core is the only way to go. But if you want to run a large event and can shield your bridge from the sun (run inside for example) then the Giro-z is the clear winner.

2008.03.30, 11:04 PM
hmm... when i was in japan i had the chance of racing at ars (check this link) http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21403&highlight=ars+japan

anyway... they were using the ko propo system which was really really cool.. the system just read your frequency as it passed through a loop on the track (kinda similar to core)... the ko propo system had the added feature of not having to add anything to your car...

as for the ko system in reading ad band signals... i'm not too sure, since i've read somewhere, that ad bands work on a different frequency...

while i was at the ars track, i was pretty sure that nobody was using an ad band car... so i really can't validate if the ko propo lapcounter can pick up ad band signals....

surprisingly though when i was in h.k. most were running ad band cars... unfortunately though, i don't know what type of lapcounting system they use either...

i'm with rharris on kyosho's adopting core technology re: lapcounters... pretty cool having your data with you all the time... since it will be attached to your car...