View Full Version : Sunday 13th April meeting

2008.03.31, 02:56 PM
Date & venue booked

Perkins Sports & Social Club,
Tixall Rd,
ST16 3UB

from 1300hrs until 2200hrs.

Racing Mini z, Xmod and Iwavers.(02's & F1's)

Large track in the afternoon.
HFAY OLPS Season 5 Races 7 & 8 in the evening.

Cost for the day will be 8/ racer. (newcomers free).

No kitchen facilities,,,, George Foreman will be there.

2008.03.31, 07:14 PM
Wicked, I can't wait! I'll have two newly pimped cars by then. :D

Updated the site too. :)


2008.04.02, 07:40 AM
I'm looking forward to it too,hopefully the 2.4 will be here by then!
I'll be bringing the usual,food wise too.

2008.04.02, 09:29 AM
I'll have some new toys for then too. :D

2008.04.02, 05:55 PM
I'll just be bringing the same old cars :rolleyes:

Top job with the gallery Tom, the date and filing system looks and works excellently!
I'll forward copies of all race meet pics i take for ya!

Should have our trucks running properly by then too Tom mate!

I think i might bring some healthy food this time, i'll end up putting loads of weight back on if i keep eating like that ;)

2008.04.02, 06:15 PM
I can't wait to go truckin!

Glad you like the galleries. I'm lookin forward to the next meet for taking pictures. Never mind all the fun we're gonna have!!

I'll eat whatever. Is there anything me and me dad can bring to help out?

2008.04.02, 06:26 PM
Well as saft as it may sound, i was thinking about bringing a salad bowl, is anyone interested in salad or would i be wasting my lettuce...lmao?

Not sure Tom, i think we all need to post what we are thinking of bringing to save and massive multiples again...lol

2008.04.09, 07:21 PM
I already bought the burgers/sausages so i'll be bringing them :D and i think Lee is bringing rolls.

2008.04.10, 02:19 AM
We'll bring something nice for desert. :rolleyes:

2008.04.10, 10:23 AM
still want me bringing some cakes or something jayce?

2008.04.10, 10:35 AM
I dunno mate,i'm just the burger flipper! lol by the look of it Tom and Tony are bringing desert :D

2008.04.10, 11:06 AM
Pop, maybe? No one ever brings drinks lol.

2008.04.12, 03:55 PM
I'm not sure we're gonna make the meet. I can hardly turn my head atm,i thought i was just stiff after sleeping wierd or something but it's been three days now and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. If it's still like this in the morning,there's no way i can drive to stafford. I'll post again in the morning and let you know for sure.

2008.04.12, 05:48 PM
Okay mate, take it easy.

2008.04.12, 06:54 PM
Hope your feeling better Jayce mate, it'd be a shame for you not to make it!

2008.04.13, 03:18 AM
hope you get well jayce!

2008.04.13, 04:41 AM
We are coming,but all i'll be able to do is drive.

2008.04.13, 05:54 AM
Top notch mate, look forward to seeing you guys!
Was going to be a bit of a small group if ya didnt come...lol

2008.04.14, 04:26 AM
Yesterday was ace!

It's a shame about the mess that was the championship but now that's settled - next month should be a breeze!! :D

Lovely food Jayce, as usual.

I'm already looking forward to next meet.

I'll get the website updated shortly.

Also - Bri - what frequency was it that I need to change?

Also also - Everyone or anyone who took any photos... Please stick 'em up so I can get 'em on the site!

2008.04.14, 11:10 AM
^^^^^x2! great meet... my car will be working next meet hopefully, thanks for fixxing mal:)

2008.04.14, 01:28 PM
Bri - what frequency was it that I need to change?

your bank managers;)

2008.04.14, 04:48 PM
Lol what do I change it to?

2008.04.16, 11:40 AM
Yeah Top notch day, really enjoyed it! Thanks for burgers as usual Jayce they were great. Thanks for cookies and pop Tom and Tony!
Pity i didn't get chance to have a go of the Mad Force's 'Big brother' Ryan :(
Looking forward to the next meet, is the next meet the 'off' one where we race whatever all day, with no HFAY?
If so can we have a poll for something to do, like Nascar or something, maybe do a track that is wide and fast that we could run F1 and Nascar races?!?

2008.04.16, 12:33 PM
Hey Mal, can you PM me your piccies please? I wanna get 'em on the site! :D

I think there's one HFAY left now Mal.

2008.04.16, 12:52 PM
Despite feeling pretty crap,i had a great day(tho it always goes too fast!) NP's on the food front:D I think it's a good idea we start sorting out now what we wanna do in the off season meet.

2008.04.16, 06:40 PM
I like the sound of Nascar!

Bri has some to rent out in the event of such a track. I had a go on one tonight and once a year ago and it's bloody good fun!

We ran 500 laps last February on a banked oval and it sure was entertaining. Also - we ran another 500 lap oval tonight and that too was good fun.

I'm going to be investing in a Nascar shortly as I know this is something the club will take on further.

2008.04.17, 04:00 AM
Looks like you lot had fun :). Got any pics of the meet?

Couldnt make it up there as usual, was trying to sort it out with Jayce but was having problems with my isp and getting on a stedy internet connection was a pain.

Seems like ive only been to 1 meet this year, ive missed all he RSR ones aswell, so when you confirm the next date hopefully ill be able to come UP :).


2008.04.17, 04:54 AM
I wondered why i never heard back from you!

2008.04.17, 12:16 PM
Hey Tom, it'll be sometime in the next few days, as i've got to sort them and upload them yet!
I'm still having problems with the car so i'm guessing thats going to get ugly now :mad: and thats taking up a bit more of my time than i'd like:(

2008.04.20, 07:13 AM
so guys would i be able to come along and just watch and get some advise on mini-zs?

2008.04.20, 07:19 AM
This meeting has passed. You're welcome to the next one when the date is set though. ;)