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2008.04.01, 07:04 PM
I've done some typing and backtracking to finalize a set of rules for the championship.Thanks for the input everyone!! If you spot anything worth mentioning or discussing - just say. This is for everyone... Here it goes:

The Stafford Mini Z Racer Championships
The SMZRC’s takes place over the duration of 12 months. Each month there is one heat which consists of two races. Each race lasts approximately 8 minutes.

Each racer at the beginning of the race will start a different time. This is to ensure that every racer stands an equal chance of winning. We call this a handicap system. The handicap for each race is worked from the qualifying session held before hand.

Other rules, regulations and information are as follows:

Car Regulations
Each racers car must meet the following standards
• It must be a 1/28 scale Mini-Z (MR01, MR015, MR02, MA0l0)
• It must run on 4 x AAA batteries
• It must use official Mini-Z chassis
• It must use official Mini-Z electronics, servo and receiver

Other than the above the car can be upgraded – including FET upgrades.

At the start of the season the FETs and motor must be announced as it will not be legal to change them for the rest of the competition. However, it is perfectly legal for a racer to change their setup. This includes knuckles, toe rods, gears, diffs, etc, etc…

Scoring System
The awards are given on a scoring system that is based on points. Two points are initially awarded for the 3 fastest lap times of the seasons opening qualifier.

The rest of the points are dependant on race positions. First place gets 5 points more than second. Second place gets 3 more points than third and third gets 2 more points than fourth. Fourth place onwards will be awarded one more point than the person behind them. Below is an example:

1st - 12
2nd - 7
3rd - 4
4th - 2
5th - 1

Point Drops
One point drop will be awarded to each racer in case they are absent. If a single racer is not absent then their lowest two points score will be dropped. If no racers are absent for a season – no point drops will take place.

Entrance Fee & Prizes
At the end of the season each racers points are added up after the point deductions and prizes are awarded. This prize for first place will be a trophy that they get to keep and a brand new autoscale!! Prizes for second and third will be available but may vary.

Fees will vary depending on the prizes and participants but will only be a one off per championship.

The qualifying will always take place at 17:00 and the first race will always be at 17:30, followed by the next race at 18:00. This gives the racers a four hour opportunity after track setup to get their cars ready.

2008.04.01, 07:11 PM
Please delete the other thread.

2008.04.01, 07:48 PM
Is it just me or is that not right? Qualifying per heat was option 1 in the vote i believe, While keeping the same motor electronics etc for the whole season,announced and registered at the begginning was option 2 wasn't it?

Then if we keep same electrics motor etc...the fairest way to calculate handicaps would be from the previous race? In all honesty i cant see anyone running a stock car getting near the qualifying time of someone running an open car.
If it is the hour affecting my judgement i apologise:o Am i wrong?

2008.04.02, 04:59 AM
No, you're spot on mate but despite the vote going towards method one, it only seems logical to have as little qualifying as possible. Because points are awarded for a qualifier then it doesn't make it fair.

The fastest guy would get points every qualifier and it wouldn't matter if a slower guy was winning the races... :(

Secondly, the handicaps SHOULD (lol) iron out the setup differences quite significantly if everyone runs at their pace from before or quicker.

We've tested it at Bris place and it does work well. :)

The meeting coming up is a good opportunity for testing it. We'll work from there.

2008.04.02, 07:37 AM
So the only qualifier we're having now is the season opener,after that handicaps will be calculated from the previous round?

2008.04.02, 08:09 AM
Lol I dunno!! This is such a mess!! Brian just made a good point of the track layout size. On the big tracks the previous months handicap stuff wont work on the new track as it'll be a different size. So it's looking like there will be a qualifier each month like originally suggested.

I did the math and with the points system, if the same person sets fastest lap each week it shouldn't really cause them to win the championship. In theory.

2008.04.02, 08:19 AM
Hang on we're off round in circles here,i thought if the larger tracks were say,all made with 3 wide L's then they'd all be about the same length no?
I have to be honest,i can't see myself or Ryan ever getting any qualifying points. Which puts us at a distinct dis-advantage.

2008.04.02, 08:54 AM
The large tracks vary. Sometimes it's 4 wide L's, sometimes 5 and sometimes, like last month - it's everything we've got lol!!

The best we can do for qualifying would be to offer the fastest three 2 points. One point might not be enough incentive to give it hell for leather.

The main thread will be updated shortly and you'll be pleased to know that we've purchased the prizes... Including the trophy! :D Meaning we know the participation price.

This years entrance fee will be 5 per racer! This is a years participation fee.

2008.04.02, 10:02 AM
yay! i was thinkin it would cost loads- when do we have to pay, do you want cash next meet? im excited now:D

2008.04.02, 11:28 AM
No Liam, nice and cheap. Next year will be even cheaper too because we'll already have the trophy!

Payments are to be made to Brian at the next meet if possible. We can get payments out of the way while you guys get all registered. :D

2008.04.02, 05:37 PM
Point Drops
One point drop will be awarded to each racer in case they are absent. If a single racer is not absent then their lowest two points score will be dropped. If no racers are absent for a season no point drops will take place.

So if one person attends all races, they they will loose thier 2 lowest race scores?!?!?
Surley this would mean that if say... I attend all races, but everyone else misses 1 race, they will all only drop 1 lowest score while i would drop my 2 lowest scores?!?!?!?
This would mean i would be penalised for attending ALL races?

As to the confusion with the qualifying run and the points, why award points for qualifying as it will penalise the slower racers and give clear advantage for the faster racers. I understand the points will give an incentive to push harder, but without a handicap system already in place it's not going to work out fair.
I think the problem is we are mixing up what QUALIFYING and HANDICAPS are for, qualifying is to sort out CARS, while handicaps are to sort out ABILITY.
Mixing the 2 is causing an overlay that isnt working, this is why races always have cars/bikes/trucks/boats that are equally matched, a class system.
Without having a set class i really dont think this will work.

If we all run the same battery/ESC/motor setup, THEN use the qualifying to set the handicap...it will workout fine. But mixing the 2 is like trying to add and subtract at the same time, they are cancelling each other out.

2008.04.12, 03:34 PM
sorry- dont think i will be able to pay tomorow:( bit short on cash at the moment sorry. should be able to pay by the meet after.sorry again:(

2008.04.12, 06:04 PM
sorry- dont think i will be able to pay tomorow:( bit short on cash at the moment sorry. should be able to pay by the meet after.sorry again:(

No problem Lee

2008.04.12, 06:56 PM
sorry- dont think i will be able to pay tomorow:( bit short on cash at the moment sorry. should be able to pay by the meet after.sorry again:(

lol, wrong thread Lee mate..;)

2008.04.13, 03:20 AM
is it...?
i thought it had more to do with the championship... lol. spose i see where your comin from anyway

2008.04.20, 05:53 AM
HI i live in alsager not miles from staffordshire and i wondering if i can come and view one of your touraments for a day because i thinking of getting a mini-z but i'd like some help so a don't buy the wrong car :)

2008.04.20, 06:09 AM
Hey Steve,of course you can come along for the day.I'm sure we can arrange a loan car for you to use for the day too! Our next meeting will be in May.

2008.04.20, 06:53 AM
cheers and plz can u give me the direction to where u're holding it ?

2008.04.20, 07:01 AM
The next venue hasn't been confirmed yet but it will certainly be one of the following:

Perkins Sports & Social Club
Tixall Rd
ST16 3UB


Wildwood Community Center
Winchester Court
ST17 4RA

I'm sure we can sort a car out for you to use for the day too. :)

2008.04.20, 07:29 AM
thx and wot day is it usually held hold sat , sunday e.g

2008.04.20, 08:05 AM
sundays, 1pm till 10pm. hope to see you at the next meet:D

2008.04.20, 08:36 AM
i'll probably be there thx

2008.04.20, 09:31 AM
not every sunday btw sorry lol, dont want you turnin up at perkins on your own:o

2008.04.20, 03:24 PM
got ya :) :):):):):):):0