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2008.04.01, 07:07 PM
I've done some typing and backtracking to finalize a set of rules for the championship.Thanks for the input everyone!! If you spot anything worth mentioning or discussing - just say. This is for everyone... Here it goes:

The Stafford Mini Z Racer Championships
The SMZRC’s takes place over the duration of 12 months. Each month there is one heat which consists of two races. Each race lasts approximately 8 minutes.

Each racer at the beginning of the race will start a different time. This is to ensure that every racer stands an equal chance of winning. We call this a handicap system. The handicap for each race is worked out from the previous race’s results except for at the start of each season where a qualifier is held.

Other rules, regulations and information are as follows:

Car Regulations
Each racers car must meet the following standards
• It must be a 1/28 scale Mini-Z (MR01, MR015, MR02, MA0l0)
• It must run on 4 x AAA batteries
• It must use official Mini-Z chassis
• It must use official Mini-Z electronics, servo and receiver

Other than the above the car can be upgraded – including FET upgrades.

At the start of the season the FETs and motor must be announced as it will not be legal to change them for the rest of the competition. However, it is perfectly legal for a racer to change their setup. This includes knuckles, toe rods, gears, diffs, etc, etc…

Scoring System
The awards are given on a scoring system that is based on points. Points are initially awarded for the 3 fastest lap times of the seasons opening qualifier. These are as follows:

1st: 3pts
2nd: 2pts
3rd: 1pt

The rest of the points are dependant on race positions. First place gets 5 points more than second. Second place gets 3 more points than third and third gets 2 more points than fourth. Fourth place onwards will be awarded one more point than the person behind them. Below is an example:

1st - 12
2nd - 7
3rd - 4
4th - 2
5th - 1

Point Drops
One point drop will be awarded to each racer in case they are absent. If a single racer is not absent then their lowest two points score will be dropped. If no racers are absent for a season – no point drops will take place.

Entrance Fee & Prizes
At the end of the season each racers points are added up after the point deductions and a prize is awarded. This prize will be a trophy that they get to keep and a brand new autoscale!!

Fees will vary depending on the prize but will only be a one off per championship.

The first race will always be at 17:00 on the day, followed by the next race at 17:30. This gives the racers a four hour gap after track setup to get their cars ready.

On the first race of the season there will be an exception whereby the qualifier will take place at 4:30.