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2008.04.02, 06:07 AM
Hi Guys,

I have a first coming on: Endurance Race (2 hours) with driver change on carpet! (stock class, runing MR02 RM SuperGT GT-R)

I was wondring if you have good setup or practical tips reagarding:

1. Battries: which ones to use, changing them etc.
2. Tires: what works best on carpet? how to best change them if needed.
3. What extra stuff do I need to take along.

Seing its the first time, we are going for the finish line and not for top honors ;)


2008.04.02, 06:36 AM
LOL Babstar
Bang om het bij ons te vragen :D
Sorry just a word in native tongue :p

Well I'll tell you the preparation we have done for last years race:
Batteries: Sanyo 1000. Normal we can do about 30 till 40 minutes with them but be aware of carpet threads that wrap around between motor and pinion. And they also wrap between knucles and wheels. So check that every pitstop for that. We didn't charge them specialy.
2 Hours means you can get by with 3 sets so you don't have to re-charge (if you have 3 at least).

Tires: Rear Atomic 10 Compitition. Front I can't remember. But HaCo prepared the car (he did that the whole season). And he made sure it was a bit understeer so that it was not to hard to drive at constant pace. Make sure you get set-up that both drivers feel good with. Maybe it's not the fasted set-up but it will pay-off in the end.

On race day you haven't got much time to set-up the car from scratch so it's helpfull that you have a starting point. Depending on what configuration(94-98, rm-mm, shok-DPS) you drive i'm sure the other teams will help you with this. I know I would ;)

A spare car can be usefull (take apart to use as spare parts).

2008.04.02, 08:26 AM
Hehehe, caught in the act ;) kidding

I was going to post it on the GGT forum aswell but didn't get to it yet. I'm at work and some people just won't stop bothering me about work related stuff today ;) hihi but wanted to get as much info as posible so I'm going international :)

Good tips btw, thx. Any idea how the sanyo's compare to the GP 1100's or the Vapextech 1100's?

2008.04.02, 12:40 PM
Less time in the pits means more time on the track.

Spares for a "successful" race would be tires. In a two hour race you shouldn't even need to change tires. Tune using only new tires. Before the race mount a set of brand new tires that tested to be the best overall.

Practice battery changes to find the fastest efficient method.

Tighten all the screws on the chassis and be sure it's completely clean before the race starts.

For a two hour race you should have all the batteries you need fully charged including transmitter batteries.

If you are running top 3 or are on the lead lap and battling for 1st don't pit until after your competitor. Run'em down!!!

How many will be driving? One thing that killed me was my sight. The track layout was large and I didn't blink enough. Blink every lap and your eyes should last LOL!!!


2008.04.02, 01:04 PM
Good tips btw, thx. Any idea how the sanyo's compare to the GP 1100's or the Vapextech 1100's?

I don't have th GP's but do have the VapexTech 1100. I just don't get those to work for me.
It's always trouble with them.
Sometimes they just seem to be empty (while they are just charged)
And the othertimes they loos power within 5 minutes.

My Sanyo 1000 feel more punchy and last for ever compared to the vapextech.

I just bougth the Powerex MH-C9000 and i'm going to try to use the break-in feature on the Vapextech to see if I can get them to work better. But it takes for ever and I need to break-in a new set batteries for sunday so it has to wait till after the first round of the BMES.

I must be doing somthing wrong with the Vapextech because there are people who use them in endurance racing. Maybe I will contact them in a while to find out :D

2008.04.02, 04:29 PM
I wish I could blink our car in the lead every time we passed for a new lap ;) hehe

Great tips thx, I guess for us it will be a learning race, I will prep the chassis so that its clean and smooth, also make sure that most essential parts are covered by spares, a extra set of batteries for the TX is also a good one.

Will try the Vapextech at my home track to see if they last the distance. I have planned a test/practice day with long track for this weekend.

2008.12.29, 02:40 PM
another small thing is make sure you have good transmitter batteries that can go the distance..