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2008.04.02, 06:23 PM
I've just finished building my 02 with the 2.4 conversion kit. After pairing the tx/car,it will only steer not drive and the steering wont centre.Tho thats probably trims.

I've stripped it back down and everything looks fine fets wiring etc... the only thing that looks odd,tho i dont know a great deal about mini-z's anyway,is the power switch and pcb power wire soldering.
Just next to the ICS connector is where the wires solder on.there appears to be four solder points.working left to right from the ics conn.
power switch wire 2nd power switch wire pcb live pcb negative.

On my board there is a big blob of solder which covers the live pcb wire and the power switch wire next to it.and it looks like the pcb live wire is soldered to the same terminal as the power switch wire.

Is this correct or do i have a badly soldered board?

2008.04.02, 06:47 PM
It's ok for it to be like that. The positive wire and the top switch wire can be shorted together since they are actually connected on the board.

2008.04.02, 06:50 PM
So any ideas as to why i have no forward/reverse?

2008.04.02, 06:57 PM
The 2.4 car I got did also have a problem with the steering centering. I would hit the end of the trim adjustment before it was centered. It turner out after I sent the car and transmitter back to Kyosho that it was a faulty transmitter and they replaced it for me.

As for the throttle, when I was first setting up my 2.4 when I would hold the throttle full open I would get no power, but if I held the trigger a little bit off the stop it would work fine. I reset the transmitter to default and it worked after that, one other person I raced with had the same problem and fixed it the same way. It may no help in your case but its worth a shot. After you reset the transmitter you do not have to pair it with the car again. Best of luck.

2008.04.02, 07:03 PM
You hero!! thank you so very much,i really really thought it made a complete **** up of the install. IT LIVES!! :D:D

2008.04.02, 07:08 PM
I take it reseting the transmitter worked, how about the steering?

2008.04.02, 07:10 PM
It's still in pieces in front of me :) i just connected a motor to see if it worked.
I'll let you know when i've rebuilt it shortly.

2008.04.02, 07:23 PM
Apparently there was a handful a faulty transmitters that had a steering problem, I hope your works out. If you do still have problems with it contact Kyosho, the first person I talked to was Tim Johnson here on the forums, he is a rep for Kyosho, he helped set me up with all the info I needed to return it. Good luck.

2008.04.02, 07:31 PM
I still cant trim the steering centre,it gets close then goes straight past centre to the other way and forward/reverse are the wrong way round.

2008.04.02, 07:51 PM
If you hold the throttle trim up button for about 3 seconds it will reverse your throttle, check the instuction for help i you need it. Sorry to hesr it didnt fix the steering though, it sounds like the same problem I had. Contact Kyosho and see what they say, I had to send both car and transmitter, it only took about a week and a half to get it back.

2008.04.02, 07:57 PM
Thanks that's the throttle sorted. Believe it or not i read the manual twice and missed that one.
Looks like i'll be contacting Kyosho.Thanks for the help.

2008.04.02, 08:17 PM
No need to say thanks, this is what forums are for. Sorry you had the same misfortune I did, once you get it back you will be very happy thouygh, I was.:D