View Full Version : getting rid of... GTB, LOSI, BATTERIES, ETC

2008.04.02, 07:26 PM
hey this is the list of stuff i need to get rid of if anyone needs/ wants lemme know. i do have pics i just need to post and upload.

48 pitch pinions. 15 total, 17-22 25-30. there are 2-20t, 2-21t and 2-25t. most are RRP. $20 for all

2 Duratrax 3800 side by side's
2 fusion power IB4200 side by side zapped and matched race packs
1 SMC IB3800 side by side zapped and matched
2 duratrax 1500 nicd $40 takes them all all packs have deans connectors

Trinity D90 Discharger $15
Indi Reactor 30. has a ding on the metal case doesnt hurt the operation of the discharger,

Futaba 2PL 75mhz 2ch AM Channel 62 tx and fp-r122-je 75mhz 2ch rx w/ matching crystal, $45

Hitec Aggressor 75mhz 2ch AM channel 78 and tekin terx75 2ch rx w/matching crystal, $35

traxxas 2015 27mhz 2ch receiver no crystal $10
Futaba R152je 27mhz 2ch receiver no crystal $10

Hitec HS 545BB servo unknown condition, $5
Hitec HS 635hb good strong fast servo what i used in the front end of my stadium truck, $15

Duratrax Intellispeed forward,brake only 20+ limit, $15 has deans connectors

Novak GTB ver2 (lipo cutoff) has deans for battery connection, has blade mission on fan, still works good $150
Novak SS8.5 raced only 2 weekends, never got over 106*F after a 5min run, $50

Team Losi XXX-T roller, has CR motor plate, step pin tires, extra parts and tires, $75

Randy Nukem
2008.04.02, 07:48 PM
If you still have that 8.5 next thursday I may have to dig down and see what I can do.

2008.04.02, 08:08 PM
ok ill just bring it all with me tomarrow and we'll see whats what

2008.04.02, 11:34 PM
Bring cash Randy, so Kevin can buy my 02. ;)

2008.04.03, 11:14 PM
As soon as you get this stuff sold, Kevin, let me know so I can order a new Audi S4 Red Bull DTM MR02. :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

2008.04.03, 11:43 PM
hey Eric, now that you have that new touring car on the way, why dont you buy some of those batts and stuff from Kevin, or give him a partial trade on the 02? ;)

2008.04.04, 04:44 PM
Then I wouldn't be able to get another Mini Z to race. :rolleyes:

2008.04.05, 08:05 PM
Come on Randy, I've got my eye on a Ferrari. ;)

2008.04.06, 05:12 PM
patience there eric... im waiting to post the stuff on another board to sell when i get the word from randy if he does or doesnt want the stuff.

Randy Nukem
2008.04.06, 09:16 PM
If you can sell it go ahead Kevin. I was really just wanting the motor but I dont really need it right now. I had to buy stuff for my mini-z that apparetly I was in need of.

2008.04.07, 05:28 PM
oh ok. if u want just the motor i will sell it to you for 45