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2008.04.03, 07:07 PM
Here are some pictures from our race track in Alamogordo N.M.
We have our own Mini-Z Cup with races every two weeks we have one more race left after that we will host a 6h Mini-Z race two guys racing one car with 1 hour racing in the dark.
We are open every day from 12pm to 8pm visit us under www.Microracers24.com for race results pictures and more.
Here are some pictures from our race track for every cup race we build a new track.

If you are close to us come by or if you wane join our 6h race send me a email for more information.

Thank you guys , great forum

If the spelling is wrong or some words don't make sense you have to excuse me I'm German an do live in the US for 10 years now.


2008.04.03, 09:20 PM
Looks like a great place to race. Nice big layouts there.

Welcome to the Forums. :)

2008.04.04, 02:42 AM
That is a SWEET place to race and chill.

And I LOLed at the KT-18 amongst a bunch of high-end transmitters. :D

2008.04.04, 05:08 AM

I will be moving to the Ablequerque area early next year, so you can expect to see me some time shortly after that :D

That's quite a large area/track, are you guys planning on hosting a PN or Atomic regional? I would definitely show up for that, next year obviously.

Last thing, what are the cup race rules there anyway?

2008.04.04, 10:32 PM
Thanks Guys.
@ Flashsp-2
We do race for trophys 1,2,3, but no restricted rules cars , weight , motor etc.
The only thing is rubber tires and boby (no pan cars) , we have around 20 guys here 8-10 show up for the races we do 15min , 30min , and 1h races.
Yes hope to see down here.
I have to talk to pn racing about a regional race , I would like that we got enough track and we got the place :)

2008.04.05, 07:00 AM
Wow, that looks awesome. :eek:

2008.04.05, 07:53 AM
Thanks Guys.
@ Flashsp-2
We do race for trophys 1,2,3, but no restricted rules cars , weight , motor etc.
The only thing is rubber tires and boby (no pan cars) , we have around 20 guys here 8-10 show up for the races we do 15min , 30min , and 1h races.
Yes hope to see down here.
I have to talk to pn racing about a regional race , I would like that we got enough track and we got the place :)

I like not having rules, sounds like my kind of place :D

If you guys host a PN event I will definitely show up for that, again, next year of course.

2008.04.05, 10:15 AM
Mini-AZ in Phoenix might be interested in making a road trip for an Enduro..

Please post more details, that I can share with our club members.


2008.04.05, 06:34 PM
Hello Hood sure...
Kk , 2 driver in a team driving one car , driver change whenever you want to.
Rules , open class drive what you got must be a kyosho chassis , AD Board , 2.4 GHz , Fets , whatever ok , batteries of course only 4 x AAA NIMH , rubber tires only no tire compounds.
Light kit is required during the one hour racing in the dark .
Bodies everything ok even pan cars , AWD MR-02 , MR-15 ok .
You can have as many battery changes as you want too , if your car breaks down you need to fix it , if your fets burn out you need to replace them we have everything here.You can change the chassis when it breaks , everything you can replace even the motor if necessary except the board.
Its gone be $ 60 starting fees per team ( 25 per person ) includes food and drinks for whole race day on Saturday.
We got the transponders for lap counting ,we keep it simple and race for fun guys ....
First , second and third place trophy's and winner team also gets a 2,4GHz chassis set.
Race starts at 4pm Saturday May 10th

Let me know if you guys wanted to stay overnight my buddy owns a motel i can hook you guys up.

2008.04.08, 05:45 PM
What time is the track open on Saturday for practice?
What kind of boards are most of your racers using?
I saw in your standings that you win almost every race, can you tell us more about your setup, chassis, etc..

Can you get us a price on the hotel for Friday Night?

It would be nice to meet all of your racers, and hopefully some of them will travel to Phoenix for a race occasionally..

2008.04.09, 02:42 PM
Ok , as for the Motel you planing on staying friday - saturday one night or two nights checkout sunday ? how many guys or rooms ??
Most of our guys have AD Board , some have stock boards and some have 1x1 Fets , I normaly run my MR02 RM with AD Board 30 Atomic Front 8 RCP PN Rear , soft front spring on 1,5 PN Steering Knuckles and -1 Steering Plate , AD Atomic Motor , PN Diff , Atomic Rear Damper System.
Yes you will meet all our drivers we are like a big family ...lol.
Let me know when you guys have some event's I sure like to come down there with a couple of friends
I think we will start building the track together when everybody is here on saturday around 1pm.


2008.04.09, 05:16 PM
I would think just Friday night in the hotel, I don't know how many teams (1 or 2) but a room for each with double beds would be great. We would hit the road and drive home on Saturday night after the race.

Any racing on Friday night before the event?
Can we switch bodies for the dark hour? Same style just with/without leds
I am hoping on being there..


2008.04.10, 08:39 PM
Yes you can , ok I ask my buddy.
Yes we can race some at my store track friday night if you guys want.
Ok let me know at least 1 week ahead if you guys coming for sure ok .


2008.04.16, 10:14 AM
Joe and I are coming as our first team. We are still unsure of a second team..

We are now working on getting a light kit.
Can we order a GiroZ transponder off of your website to get it wired and installed before we leave?

Can you please find out the pricing on the hotel room?

Robin Young

Here is a video for your club to check out. This was the final race of our AZGT Points Series, it was a one hour main event. Brad and I both finished on the same lap a couple of seconds apart after the full hour.


2008.04.17, 02:12 AM
Very good Robin , wow nice very very very large track , you guys are good :eek: , yes I can send you a transponder , send me a email so we can work out the details.
I will get you the price for the Motel tomorrow , we should have a least 7 teams so far looking good ...:)
Later Mate...

2008.04.20, 01:59 AM
Motel $35 plus tax for a night , room with 2 beds.

2008.04.23, 12:42 AM
Here are some new pictures from our last Microracers24 Mini-Z Cup Race.
Have fun




T-Rex 450 over mini-Z track

Small kids track

Mike's new shell

2008.04.24, 06:53 PM

I sent a couple emails with no response.

It looks like we will have just one team. We are hoping that we can get a room for both nights since you got us such a great deal. We would like to get a tranponder before the race, and we would come early enough on Friday to get some track time and have a little racing practice if anyone else is interested.. We have an AD car that we have never run before, so practice might be critical..

We have been running the 3010 boards with HFAY Stock Motor.. For our local series I run the HFAY motor or a Speedy 05. We know this will be totally different powerwise.. How long can you run on a set of batteries with the AD car on your average track?

Thanks, we look forward to racing..

2008.04.24, 09:52 PM
Robin , you got mail .
Yes sounds good there will be some guys here friday night to run some cars and ave a few beers :).

Depending you have 3 settigs on the AD board , and also depending on the batteries ! I have batteries 900 they last 25 min and then I have 1000 they last 35.
We have all the cables here for your AD board we can play around .

2008.05.04, 10:43 AM
We are really looking forward to racing. We plan on leaving early Friday, so we can have some tracktime with the new car. Just got the new PN pod and some other new stuff for the race.

I still have not gotten any emails returned. I checked all of my spam filters and don't see anything getting bounced or held.. No biggie, unless I need to do anything to reserve our hotel room. We can install the transponder when we get there. My only other concern is that I only have one set of AD crystals, do you have spares or crystals instock incase needed? We are on CH1.

Our lights are installed and looking good..

2008.05.06, 01:21 PM
Yes we have AD spare crystals ,your transponder should get there today .
Looking forward to see you guys here is my cell if you guys have any questions or something ..
575 430 8229

2008.05.06, 03:22 PM

We would like to get the transponder mounted and wired before arrival. It looks like we borrowed another AD car, so Joe and I can both practice on Friday night with the new speed.

We are now on Ch1 and Ch2 for AD.

Can you send me the address for the hotel and track, so I know where I am heading..

We look forward to meeting and racing with you.


2008.05.06, 05:12 PM
Ok , let's meet at our shop here is the address
1701 10th Street
Alamogordo N.M. 88310
Cell 575 491 8229
You guys staying 1 or 2 nights at the hotel ?

2008.05.07, 11:38 AM
Thanks again for the great deal. We would like to stay both Friday and Saturday night at the hotel.

The Giro-Z install is super easy.. We could have waited.. When we started racing with AMB it took us a couple weeks to get them installed in a good location and everything working perfectly.. I didn't realize the board was that small, it is even smaller than my MRT transponder.

See you in a couple days,

Robin Young

2008.05.07, 07:56 PM
Hey Robin can you give me a call 575 491 8229 regarding saturday , i think we have a situation

2008.05.08, 08:24 PM
Robin can you call me , I left you a message today already

2008.05.08, 08:58 PM
houston do we have a problem? :D
kidding aside, you guys are going to have a great time...

2008.05.08, 09:26 PM
Layout looks great guys!

2008.05.08, 09:50 PM
RCPMini-Z, I have a question for you. Would it be possible for you to make tunnel's and bridges for the RCP track? Also, for rally-effect, can you make RCP track's that look like their covered in snow on the slippery side? Also, how about providing a rocky look to the edges? I can picture an RCP track made to look like a WRC stage.

2008.05.11, 03:50 PM

Thanks for the great weekend racing. Joe and I had a great time and learned a lot about the AD cars in the process. You have a good group of racers, and it looked like everyone had fun. When your club announced that you had won AGAIN, it sounded as though they were getting tired of hearing it..

We look forward to racing with you guys here or there in the future..

Thanks again,



Please don't hijack a thread about a race to ask a specific question of a manufacturer. There is another forum for this type of question, but not in the middle of another thread..

2008.05.12, 03:40 AM
Robin ,
It was great to have you guys here and race with us , yes I know I guess I have to step back in the next races and let somebody else win ;) .
You guys did good , we looking forward to see you next time in Phoenix on you home ground to race with you .
Thanks again Robin and Jo see you next time.
I will post the pictures tomorrow ...

2008.05.16, 01:47 AM


2008.05.21, 11:15 AM
We had a great time, but would choose to stay the extra night in the future. Joe drove faster on the way home than he did during the race.. :}

I don't know if you guys have a way of posting the results, but I would like to see the results for the final hour segment.. Great Fun..

The race came down to Sven and myself in a tie going into the final segment, with Rene just a couple points behind.. Early in the race Sven got a lap up on Rene and I. We battled hard to the halfway point, Rene went into the pits for his battery change about 10 feet infront of me. When I finished my battery change I pulled back onto the track just infront of him. Rene and I battled and ran hard for the first part of the second segment until I got away. I then caught Sven and got my lap back a couple different times, but could not keep clean enough to get away from him and try to run him down again.. I believe we finished the final segment with each of us on his own lap. Sven was ~15 feet infront of me, and Rene about the same behind me..

It was my first time with the AD car, and can't wait to start running them more. I ran mine on a Speedy 05, to tame the car down a little since I wasn't quite used to the extra power.. Next time I might have to try the Stock R, and find some forward bite to be able to use the extra HP..

Hope to see you guys again soon..

The Brauts were awesome..

P.S. They all speak German, so you never know what they are saying about you good or bad..

2008.05.21, 12:34 PM
das ist nicht gut meine herr

2008.05.21, 12:59 PM
very nice looking track. Room temp too?! Sweet!

... but then home boy's stepping on the track :(.

2008.05.28, 06:24 PM
Yeah we had a good time ... Robin let me know the date when you guys racing , Rene , David , Nathan and me planing to come.
Later ,SVEN

2008.07.08, 05:15 PM
Hey Guys
3 more weeks for the Regional PN Race here at our location in Alamogordo N.M.88310 on August 2-3 ..Im looking forward to some Mini-AZ Phoenix Boys down here for that weekend ?????
I can make some Brats:D


2008.07.23, 12:42 AM
So what's up are u or some other guys gone make a trip down here for the race ??? ..... 10 more days guys !!!!
Let me know , that would be great .
Later Sven

2008.08.09, 08:32 AM
Sorry we didn't make your regional.. Joe and I had planned on coming, until his Civic blew a head gasket.. (I think it actually happened during our last trip to Almagordo, when Joe drove and the car was having radiator issues.. I think he has been driving on a blow gasket since then..) I couldn't find anyone else that could travel with me, and it is just too far by yourself..

I would like to hear about your regional and your times.. Best laptimes, etc.. We have already run on the PN track once, so I could compare.. What classes did you guys get to run?

We are still in talks about the room, and then to see if Philip can make it, but we are shooting for the middle of September for our Regional.

In October, I am planning on coming to your Enduro. Hopefully, someone else will be interested in joining me..

In November, I am going to the PN Worlds in Vegas!! Are you planning on going?

2008.08.10, 10:44 PM
Hey Buddy
Well for the PN race my times in either class mod and stock wasn't good at all we practice every week at least ones or twice before the race and my best times was 49 laps in stock and around 48 in mod ... at race day i had trouble setting up the car in stock class I only did 46 laps in mod only 44.Before we where racing with track set up on carpet ,at race day the track was set up on wood floor and that was totaly different.I could not find the right set up.......
As for your race maybee I will come down to your regional let me know the date if you know more about it .
Hopefully at least one team can make to hour 12h race that would be great .
Yes I will be in Vegas for sure ..:)

2008.08.15, 10:52 AM
We ran a practice event, and I ran a 44 in stock.. Now finding the gearing on these motors, I know I can do better.. I should know later today if our regional is on.. We have a nice room in the basement of a bank, and are planning on September 27th if it all works out..

I am going to do my best to find someone to make the enduro trip with me..

We will be running stock 2WD, Mod 2WD, Mod 4WD, and F1 at our event..

Wes still wants that diff for the F1 if it is still available.

Hope to see you again soon.


P.S. I just heard from Phillip, we are on for September 27th.. I will work on rooms, etc.. Look for a flyer next week in our forum..

2008.08.18, 05:17 PM
Cool , yes would be great if you can come,
**** on that weekend we have our Oktoberfest at Holloman Air Fore Base so I can not make it for the PN Race :(
Yes I still have the F1 diff ,let me know via email what else you need I have it ship down to you.


2008.08.21, 01:49 PM
what does your current layout look like......i would like to stop by your and drive @ your yrack on my way home from the east coast:D

2008.08.21, 08:44 PM
When did you planing on come by ?I will upload some pictures later.
If I know when you planing to come by I can ask the other guys and we can have a race day , regarding the track we can do any layout .

2008.08.21, 09:47 PM
When did you planing on come by ?I will upload some pictures later.
If I know when you planing to come by I can ask the other guys and we can have a race day , regarding the track we can do any layout .

i was hoping to drive in texas w/ ct but they dont have a track set upduring the week so i will driving thru that area around the 2,3,4 of sept

2008.08.22, 11:38 AM
Sven, watch this guy. Give him an hour and he will chop your track record. Give him a day or two and he will put it out of reach. Make sure that as many of your people as possible meet the guy. You will be better for the experience.

2008.08.22, 11:46 AM
Sven, watch this guy. Give him an hour and he will chop your track record. Give him a day or two and he will put it out of reach. Make sure that as many of your people as possible meet the guy. You will be better for the experience.

It is always a privilege to run with the fast guys or even go and just watch them. I myself had learned a lot by watching fast guys drive on the track. You guys should invite drivers, better yet call them all and have them watch yasuji do his thing with his pan car...

2008.08.23, 07:50 PM
Oh yes Im always looking forward to meet other drivers we can learn from them and they sometimes can learn something from us ( I hope;) )

Yes let me know a day ahead when you planing on coming I call some guys and hopefully we can get race or two together ,here is my cell 575 491 8229 .
Here are some pictures from the current layout its a two level track , but like i said if we have 5-8 guys we can build a bigger track in the other room , it only takes about 20 min.