View Full Version : any changes to the miniz f1s?

2008.04.03, 08:57 PM
its been a while since i touched my minizs....i see on the forums that the racers have changed chasis/electronics, etc, but for the f1 racers, have there been any changes since the 03 models?


2008.04.03, 09:29 PM
They now come with 3010 fet's, other thsn that I cant think of anything. Alot of hop-ups have come out for the recently.

2008.04.05, 09:08 AM
thansk for the response...i preferred driving the f1s than the mr01

2008.04.05, 12:14 PM
I am really hopeing they will release a limited edition run of the famous 6 wheeled F1 racer. It's the same one I've mentioned before with the two set's of front wheels?
I think that would be a highly collectible F1.

Another cool edition would be adding the F1 to the small 1/43 scale Dnano series.

2008.04.06, 09:20 AM
The main change that is needed with the F1 is more body selections. Not just Mclaren and Ferrari. Currently while racing F1's, its all grey and red. We need more colors. I love driving the F1. They are amazing on the track.

Hello, Kyosho...more bodies for the F1 please. If you do make a wider body selection, more people will buy and race them :D

2008.04.06, 09:31 AM
With the type of body setup they run there's not much room for improvement unless they redesign the chassis.

Furthermore, the setup they have at the moment is more than fine. They run so well, I couldn't really imagine any further improvements? :|

However, I would imagine there will be some 2.4 readysets in the near future and HOPEFULLY - a wider range of bodies like their used to be.

I'd love to grab myself a 2007 Honda. The Google Earth livery was fantastic.