View Full Version : New airbrush paintjob

2008.04.04, 12:57 PM
I'm well on the way with the next paintjob,i'm not going to post pics of it until it's done.I'm trying something new,other than that,that's all your getting for now.:p
I'm hoping it will be finished by mid next week(well the paint and clear anyway,then at least a month for the clear to set properly)

2008.04.04, 01:20 PM
Sounds hot!

2008.04.04, 08:27 PM
LOL well it does have some red on it. Oops giving too much away now! :p

2008.04.05, 01:11 PM
Thats just cruel... i wanna see ;)

You may not see much of me on the forums for a bit lads, my wife is not very well at all at the moment so i'll be absent for a bit and not replying to posts and what not!
Hopefully i'll not be gone long ;) i'll browse the posts now whle i have chance, see you guys soon.

2008.04.05, 06:00 PM
Look forward to it Jayce! :) I'll try get those decals out to you next week. :) Still want the same ones?

Hey Mal, hope she gets well soon. Take it easy you two!

2008.04.05, 06:13 PM
Yes mate same ones,tho i may as well pick them up at the meet,save postage.:)

2008.04.06, 03:00 AM
Alrighty then. Sorry I've not got them sorted sooner. :(

2008.04.10, 10:54 AM
Hopefully the new paint job will be finished by the w/e.:D Though i can't bring it to the GTG as the clear will not be hard enough by then.

2008.04.10, 11:05 AM
That's a shame. It better be worth it! :p

2008.04.11, 07:21 AM
Lol Tom,i'm not sure it is! :o This is my first attempt at an effect paintscheme,and i think it shows :rolleyes: Though once again i have learned lots from it. So this will be a track body until the paint gets wrecked then i'll re paint it. The paint is finished in the pic,just. It still needs a good clean and then the clear coat. Well enough gab,here it is!


EDIT:The roof may be black on the finished job,not sure yet.

2008.04.11, 12:15 PM
I've attempted to tone it down a little,i'll post the results later when it's dry.

EDIT: Here it is,clear coat tomorrow!


2008.04.13, 01:37 AM
That's much better in the second picture! Nice job!

I've just noticed, your chassis cover says ASF and it has an antenna lol! What's that about then?

2008.04.13, 03:22 AM
its a disguise so he isnt barred for having one:D
looks awesome, the second pic looks alot better than the first:)

2008.04.14, 04:25 AM
its a disguise so he isnt barred for having one:D

Hahaha, yeah!