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2008.04.04, 03:54 PM
Just thought I'd throw this out there... would a longer antenna help any with the signal problems that some people (including myself) are having with their ASF cars? Now that it's 2.4GHz and the stock antenna is a measly 1" long, even quadruple that length would be easy to fit under the shell (or sticking it back into the antenna hole that most ASCs have). I'm pretty sure a 4" antenna can pick up signals better than a 1" one, but on the other hand I'm not sure if the signals from 2.4GHz wireless routers would screw it up even more.

Any thoughts? I've yet to try this myself (want to minimize the amount of soldering I do on this board) but in theory it could be helpful.

2008.04.04, 05:58 PM
I have not had any glitching problems with my 2.4 or any problems for that matter. I thinks increasing the size of the antenna wire problably couldn't hurt. The wire for my Spektrum DSM recievers came 5 to 6 inches long at least. I think if you are having problem I would reset the transmitter and bind it again. I have not run ASF 2.4's much but have run other Spektrum radio systems in strip center parking lots in between many large retail establishments with all kinds of different signals, frequencies and 2.4 radios without any problem. Anyway goodluck!!!!!!!

Jay :)

2008.04.04, 07:27 PM
Maybe. Keep in mind that the wavelength at 2.4GHz is very short, so a 1/4-wave antenna would be pretty short. Maybe a 1/2 wave? But I think that a lot of our issues have nothing to do with signal transmission strength since it works pretty well at the beginning then begins to fade.

2008.04.05, 04:07 AM
I know what you mean, Joe, I really was just throwing this out there to see what people think. :) I personally haven't had any range issues whatsoever with the ASF board so this topic was probably way off in the first place. :o

2008.04.05, 10:09 AM
I tried a double length antenna yesterday, still shut down with car less than 1ft away.

2008.04.05, 10:41 AM
I cant say what the problem is with your cars shutting down but I was there when Mike first tried to bind his 2.4. His car/tx wasnt liking each other at first. There may be an underlying issue with this new technology. Now mine (knock on wood) has been working without shutting down. I have a chili motor in it right now. I am not the smoothest driver either and the car has seen some good crashes as well....Have you tried other tx s to see if the problem is in the car or the tx???