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2002.05.19, 09:27 PM
You guys have probably had this question before, but what do you make the outside of the track with? I tried a water hose but it rubs the paint off my car. What ever it is it will have to be movable. Thanks for your help.:)

2002.05.19, 10:02 PM
I used popsicle sticks... just stack a bunch of them together and glue it.... it should be removeable just as long as you don't glue it to the ground :D

Mini Z GT
2002.05.19, 10:52 PM
duct tape?

2002.05.19, 11:11 PM
duct tape works great, but if you're racing and removing the stuff day by day, then be prepared to buy several rolls of duct tape.....

2002.05.19, 11:48 PM
You could use pipe insulator around the hose to both protect on impact and prevent the paint loss.