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2008.04.07, 08:02 AM
I know it is illegal to remove a lot of material from a body, but what about the chassis?

Ive recently been running the corvette C5R body on my MA010. It has turned out to be a real treat to drive, but I have to remove the PCB cover for it to fit. Would this DQ my car from competetion?

2008.04.07, 09:05 AM
You know the TI could be real picky when it comes to rule inforcement!!

2008.04.07, 12:03 PM
I know it is illegal to remove a lot of material from a body, but what about the chassis?

Would this DQ my car from competetion?

No you will not be DQ by removing the PCB cover, many of us here in Europe run without it:cool:

2008.04.07, 12:20 PM
I have removed a lot of material from the inside of the bodies. And dont run the PCB cover on my AWD. As long as the body looks normal from the outside, and makes weigh in you will be fine. I remove front lips, rear diffusers, shave and grind parts that will interfere with suspension or wheels. Parts that drag under hard cornering... Top of the window piece that isnt seen from the outside. As long as I make weigh in, I am good. My bodies look normal when they are mounted, and it is difficult to see the amount of work that went into them. My main goal is to make them drive better, not really lighten them. I dont want the snagging the borders, or rubbing on the track.

2008.04.08, 06:51 AM
2EZ - :D

warfile - Ill assume with your signiture and all that youve attended a couple of the PNWC events, and are refering to your exeprience there :D

EMU - I usually do the same mods you mention, with the exception of the widnshiled area removal. I am also not looking for low weight, but for a good racing ride.

Im guessing you didnt have any troubles with your modified bodies at the ATM race, but have you attended a PN event before? If you make it to the next PN regional (I think its going to be up in your area) maybe we can grab a chance to meet.

2008.04.08, 12:14 PM
I attended the PNWC in 2006. Portugal didnt work out for me :(

As long as I made weigh in, it wasnt a problem.

2008.04.08, 12:30 PM
Yeah, I dont expect to go any further than the regional :p

Thanks for the info, thats the exact answer I was hoping for.