View Full Version : If my 4 year old can do it, so can you!

2002.05.19, 10:35 PM
Here is a pic of my daughter cleaning my Clod Buster after a days running it. She is so into this hobby and she is only 4 years old. I teach her things like cleaning her Mini Z Beetle after each day of running it, and she helps me work on them too. I am hoping she will always enjoy this hobby as I have for 14 years now. In the next pic is a picture of her with the Clod Buster after the very first run. She was so excited about it too!

2002.05.19, 10:36 PM
Daughter with Clod after first run!

FenDer BenDer
2002.05.19, 10:48 PM
That's really good to see !!!, looks like she could ride on the back of that clod !?!


2002.05.20, 09:34 AM
Yeah, I love to include her in everything I do, as much as I can anyways! I just wish my parents were half as cool as I am with my daughter....LOL.

Yeah, the Clod is quite a machine. That would be kinda funny to see a 4 year old girl driving down the street on the back of a Clod Buster......LOL.

2002.05.20, 02:45 PM

I have a 12 year old son. He's more into slot car racing and has an MX bike too , but he has a Mini-Z and most of my old 1/10 stuff.

I remember when he was toddling in nappies (Diapers) at about 14 months old, he was walking in the garden and I was testing my (then) new Yokomo YZ10. I accidentaly ran into him at high speed, swept his feet upwards, he did a sumersault and landed on his well padded rear. Instantly he turned into a garden water feature and burst into tears. I felt soooo bad...

Perhaps this is why her prefers slots and motocrossrs to RC?

2002.05.20, 06:16 PM
LOL Mondo, that is so funny!

2002.05.24, 12:18 PM
She is gonna be a good driver later on now that she is right now!:)

2002.05.24, 01:59 PM
She is actually getting better every time we go out and run the Mini Z's. I have her try and steer, and hit a rock or piece of paper on the ground. It makes a game for us and she learns how to steer the car. That is a task in its own since the controlers are so big. I wish they made smaller controllers for kids, like what comes with the other Mini Z's, can't remember name off hand, the ones that take 2 AA. Maybe I will design controllers that are smaller and make a bunch of money! LOL

Zac R
2002.05.24, 04:16 PM
Sorry I should probibly know this but what does lol mean?

2002.05.24, 04:36 PM
laughing out loud

2002.05.25, 08:17 PM
hehe, its a Bit Char-G ;)

2002.05.25, 10:19 PM
thats a good idea, make oyur immediate family clean your cars for u, i like the idea

2002.05.26, 02:21 AM
Clyde, It's called teaching my daughter values. Trust me I still need to clean it after she is done, but I let her do it first. She drives them too, so she learns to take care of them also, by cleaning them. This is why she is such a good kid, she has values and she takes damn good care of her stuff. I even bought her, her own Mini Z Beetle, that she cleans after we run every time. If todays parents would only teach thier kids more values, the world would be a better place.

2002.05.26, 04:29 AM

As a father I can relate to your comments
Yup, bring a child up with love, care, resposibility and a sense of being and they'll blossom.
Bonding costs nothing more than a little time, patience and understanding. It's also called 'quality time' and it's priceless, whether is spent as a trip to the zoo, or racing Mini-Z's :)
Ricerocketinwa cherish the learining years together my freind, it seems like yesterday my son was at the curious age of four years old. Time has passed and thank God, even though we live 11000 miles apart, we are still as close as peas in a pod.
Today he's a young man, but in many ways, still my little man!

2002.05.26, 10:38 AM
Yeah I think the Bit CharG is a good idea to give to your daughter, because its the same scale to her as the mini-z is to us. hahahaha

She's a 1/28th scale person, LOL.

2002.05.26, 06:22 PM
F=ma, she has a Mini Z not a Bit Charg.

Mondo, I know what your saying. They grow so fast. Now that we just had our second daughter a week ago, my 4 year old looks so big now. I do cheerish the time we spend together as I spend half the year out to sea in a Submarine. So I think this is even better, I get to enjoy my hobby and spend time with me daughter. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it at the same time. I sure am!