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2008.04.07, 08:07 AM
Hey guys,
I recently made an order on your website and got invoiced but no payment details.

My order number was: 090980038098

Hope you can help,

2008.04.08, 02:16 AM
Hello Tom
I left the store early today after we received your order we email you the payment details , i will email you the details tomorrow.
Thank you for your order .

2008.04.08, 02:49 AM
Thanks Sven.

2008.04.12, 07:41 PM
You need to update your stock a lot more frequently. I recently ordered the black Diablo MR02 ready set which was in stock, but by the time I had expected to receive payment details, I was told you had just sold the last one a day earlier. I was disapointed cause I was excited to have found a rare black Diablo.

2008.04.12, 09:40 PM
Hello Mark
Yes and I told you that I have sold the set a day before in the store .
Sorry about that again and thanks for your advise .
Best Regards

2008.04.13, 11:16 AM
No problem. I appreciate you telling me that. Some places leave you hanging and you wonder why your not receiving your item. I'm glad you told me before actually purchasing the item. Thank you. I'd still like to find a black Diablo.